Branson Centre entrepreneurs Glenford McFarlane and Roderic Lue Shing are the duo behind Caribbean Technology Solutions – a rapidly rising firm that offers solutions in Information Communication Technology (ICT), Pro Audiovisual (AV) and low voltage electronics. 

Glenford and Roderic share a bit about what they do, how being engaged in the Branson Centre’s Accelerator Programme has reshaped their operations and vision for the future. 

Tell us about your Caribbean Technology Solutions

In September 2008, we incorporated Exterbox Electronic Solutions in Kingston, Jamaica. By November 2013, the company began trading as Caribbean Technology Solutions. We realised that user voice, video and data requirements had become more sophisticated and demanding, challenging current infrastructural and capacity build-outs. Our solution was to gain in-depth knowledge to design and develop user-friendly integrated collaboration environments.

Today, Caribbean Technology Solutions is the industry leader in Integrated Collaboration Solutions (ICS) in Jamaica. With almost ten years of innovation and over 150+ major ICS-related projects, we continue on our mission to drive innovation and improve the standards of the local industry, by closely adhering to industry trends, best practices and international standards.

Virgin Unite, Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship

How has being with the Branson Centre helped you along your journey?

We were introduced to the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship in December 2017 and learnt we were successfully accepted into the 2018 Accelerator Programme. The Branson Centre has taught us to be cognisant of our environment, internal processes and human resources. The information captured from the lessons shared has enabled us to examine our internal and external structures. We’ve also gained invaluable media exposure. The actual examples and life experiences from a broad array of experienced professionals, the CEO meetings, mentors, workshops and Investment Readiness Bootcamp, have all been a great support to us. 

How is your business benefiting the community?

Caribbean Technology Solutions has an excellent track record in helping companies utilise and improve communications in-house and across branches, via Video/Tele Communications applications, AV solutions and digital signage, to name a few. We also solve the complexity of managing technology with reliable, consistent and scalable service and support packages, designed to ensure companies maximise return on investment. Our solutions help businesses save time and money, increase productivity, enhance decision-making, increase focus and engagement and improve team collaboration. 

We are also a major contributor to the development of technology-aided learning environments and the pervasive use of TelePresence Solutions as a tool in distance education at major tertiary institutions across Jamaica. In addition, we have led the growing use of TelePresence Solutions by the Government of Jamaica (GOJ) and the local judiciary.

With respect to the environment, we ahave been examining ICT roadmaps, carbon footprints and how this interacts with internal culture and human resources. The increasing cost of commuting, for instance, diminishes with the implementation of video collaboration solutions. With our help, stakeholders and change agents alike will lower travel costs, be able have deep and meaningful discussions, streamline workflows, and engage remote workers anytime, anywhere within the organisation. 

What does the future hold for Caribbean Technology Solutions?

In the future Caribbean Technology Solutions will be profoundly immersed in the Jamaican landscape. We see our reach and penetration into the Caribbean marketplace realised through partnerships with manufacturers and multinational organisations. Our continued growth will be supported by a strong policy framework, corporate governance and an energetic board. 

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