The Aid Live Foundation is a non-profit organisation working to change the reality of thousands of Venezuelans, both in Venezuela, and as refugees in Colombia. 

This week the foundation announced the launch of its first programmes. Over the last two months, a group of experts in social development and migration have conducted field studies in Venezuela and Colombia  –  the resulting research has helped establish the needs and priorities for the foundation. 

Richard Branson

The goal of the new social intervention strategy is to leverage the work of the grassroots organisations addressing the fundamental needs of Venezuelan refugees in Colombia and the most vulnerable populations in Venezuela.

The foundation will support organisations with financial resources, technical capacity building and community programme support. The initial focus areas include: 

In Colombia: 

  • Comprehensive development for children
  • Nutritional support for childrene
  • Health services for children and adolescents
  • Clean water access
  • Integration and training programs for young people
  • Wellbeing for families with a focus on migratory grief and programs aimed at reducing xenophobia in schools and communities

In Venezuela: 

  • Comprehensive development for early childhood
  • Nutritional support for children
  • Access to essential health services for children and adolescents
  • Clean water service in vulnerable regions

The process for the selection of suitable projects was based on international guidelines and priorities identified by the Aid Live Foundation. The foundation only supports programs run by non-governmental, non- profit organisations. 

Venezuela, Venezuela Aid Live

Two partner organisations have been chosen to begin work. The first is Comparte por una vida Colombia, which focuses on nutrition and access to drinking water for children in Villa del Rosario, Norte de Santander. The “Stay at school” programme will benefit 400 children over one year, improving their daily nutrition, and 1,700 children through providing access to clean water and primary health care to prevent parasites, iron deficiency and gastrointestinal diseases. In addition to addressing children's health, the project seeks to prevent children from leaving schools due to a lack of food. 

The second organisation to be supported is situated in the Semprún Municipality in Venezuela. The programme “Walking in hope, we walk without borders” will improve the daily nutrition of 1,000 children in early childhood and support 2,550 families by giving them access to clean water in their communities as well as personal hygiene kits to improve their quality of life. 

Richard Branson

Within the next two months, Aid Live Foundation will be selecting more programmes to receive financial investments and technical support. Visit to learn more. 

Virgin Unite is a proud supporter of the Aid Live Foundation and is deeply invested in ensuring that the health, nutrition and education of young people – both in Venezuela and for Venezuelan refugees in Colombia – is delivered.