Today the world will come together to mark Nelson Mandela’s 100th anniversary, honour his legacy, and celebrate a life that stands as a testament to the power of the human spirit. 

The Elders was launched in 2007, with a group of leaders brought together by Nelson Mandela, to use their collective experience and influence for peace, justice and human rights worldwide. 

Richard and Peter Gabriel helped spark the idea and Virgin Unite helped incubate this initiative, bringing together a great group of partners and a wonderful team. Today, over a decade on, we come together with The Elders to celebrate Mandela’s life and continue his long walk to freedom. 

Virgin Unite, The Elders, Mandela, #WalkTogether

Last year - alongside civil society partners – The Elders launched the #WalkTogether campaign and for the last 12 months have invited us to join them as they work to inspire hope and compassion around the world. The campaign has built a bright web made up of 'Sparks of Hope' – communities building a movement for the freedoms Mandela dedicated his life to: peace, health, justice and equality.

Richard Branson, Virgin CEOs and Virgin staff members from all over the world recently shared their own Sparks of Hope. We invite you to listen to their stories and join the global #WalkTogether movement.

To learn more about  how peace, health, justice & equality can be strengthened to leave no one behind watch Graça Machel, Mary Robinson and Kofi Annan on The Elders' Facebook page - live today at 1:30pm/London, 2:30pm/Joburg.

Virgin Unite, The Elders, Mandela, #WalkTogether