Born out of frustration that mainstream news only promotes the negative, we're bringing you a regular fix of the good news buried underneath the bad. Happy Friday!

Watching mainstream media, you might sometimes feel like human beings are determined to screw up the planet and everyone on it. Yet, all around the world, amazing people – just like you – are coming up with new ways of living, loving and doing business to create a better future for us all. So we’ve decided to dedicate a regular blog to shout out some of the good news we’ve seen each week. Here’s this week’s shout out:

#LikeAGirl fighting for empowering emojis

The new #LikeAGirl commercials shine a light on the fact that there is a disturbing lack of empowering girl emojis. The campaign, backed by research from Procter & Gamble’s Always brand, highlights that girls around the world send more than one billion emoji’s a day, but their options for emoji’s depicting females are limited to girls in dancing bunny ears, girls wearing pink tops and girls getting married.

“Our vision is that when a girl picks up the phone, in a couple of months, she’ll have an array of options that represent professions and sports and activities that girls do,” said Michele Baeten, global associate brand director for P&G's Always. “Their only choices shouldn’t be pink and manicures and hair.”

Support the #LikeAGirl campaign so we can start sending emojis of girls playing instruments, playing sports and being police officers! 

Leonardo DiCaprio tackles climate change at the Oscars

Leonardo DiCaprio used his Academy Award acceptance speech last Sunday night to sound an environmental battle cry. Already known as one of the most committed climate and oceans advocates in Hollywood, Leo delivered a message that couldn't be ignored.

He declared in his Oscar acceptance speech: "Climate change is real: It is happening right now, it is a most urgent threat facing our entire species and we need to work collectively together and stop procrastinating."

DiCaprio also pointed out that celebrity endorsements alone cannot solve the problem and that it will take action from governments, financial institutions and big businesses to reshaping the future of our planet.

Chennai gets India's first self-cleaning smart toilets

A new project in India has resulted in over 180 self-cleaning public eToilets being installed in the southern Indian city of Chennai. The self-cleaning smart toilets hope to address inadequate public sanitation conditions, the rampant public urination and old toilets being either too dirty or too few.

The automatic, unmanned toilets clean themselves before entry and after use and come equipped with sensors for exhaust fan and light – to ensure that they consume less water and power than conventional toilets.

The toilets can be located through an Android app allowing  residents to find toilets on the map, rate them, offer feedback and even suggest new places where they should be installed. 

Vivienne Westwood launches new revolutionary collection

Last week at London Fashion Week, Vivienne Westwood – the queen of punk fashion – waged war on establishment inertia with a revolutionary new collection.

For her latest Autumn/Winter 2016-17 Campaign, Westwood chose the theme of ‘Intellectuals Unite’.  The campaign states: We are Climate Revolution. We are intellectuals. We are buyilding the intellectual movement starting within the colleges and univesities. You must come and join us. We will win / stop climate change / build a green economy.

Westwood’s ultimate aim is to stop climate change and build a green economy and her way to do that is to think, challenge and work collaboratively to build a more sustainable future.

In other news...

  • The Food Made Good Awards initiative is an annual celebration of UK dining establishments that serve environmentally and socially ethical meals and they’re leading the charge in a sustainable dining revolution.
  • The University of Nottingham is the greenest university in the world, according to a new study. The latest 2013 Greenmetric rankings compiled data to find that Nottingham had performed the biggest strides in campus sustainability and environmentally friendly management.
  • A woman in Washington, D.C has collected 40,000 feminine products to boost the self-esteem of homeless women in the area.
  • A factory owner in India realised the kids in his slum couldn’t read or write and then took it upon himself to teach them. Good man. Good news. 
  • A federal government plan to protect a vast area of the US Arctic as habitat for polar bears has been upheld by an appeals court. The ruling overturns a previous victory by the state of Alaska and fossil fuel lobbyists opposing the designation.