Born out of frustration that mainstream news only promotes the negative, we're bringing you a regular fix of the good news buried underneath the bad. Happy Friday!

Watching mainstream media, you might sometimes feel like human beings are determined to screw up the planet and everyone on it. Yet, all around the world, amazing people – just like you – are coming up with new ways of living, loving and doing business to create a better future for us all. So we’ve decided to dedicate a regular blog to shout out some of the good news we’ve seen each week. Here’s this week’s shout out:

Sheryl Sandberg launches Season 2 of #LeanInTogether

LeanIn.Org is launching its second season of #LeanInTogether – a campaign in partnership with the NBA that celebrates the important role men play in creating an equal world.

Sheryl Sandberg wrote for this week about how getting to equality isn’t just the right thing to do – it’s the smart thing to do. “It’s easy to see how women benefit from equality – more leadership positions, better pay at work and more support at home. But the truth is, equality is good for men too. Children of involved fathers are healthier, happier and more successful," said Sheryl. Learn more about the campaign and how your can get involved here.  #leanintogether

Richard Branson and Shery Sandberg San Francisco Virgin Disruptors 2015

A thriving new shark sanctuary in the Galápagos

A new sanctuary in the Galápagos Islands now protects unique marine life including the highest abundance of sharks known in the world. 

Rafael Correa, Ecuador’s president, announced the creation of the Galapogas marine sanctuary on Monday. The safe area encompasses 15,000 square miles and extends around the northern Galápagos islands of Darwin and Wolf.  “Ecuador has shown tremendous leadership by protecting one of the most globally valuable places in the ocean,” says Enric Sala, a National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence.

Virgin Management and #WomenInFinance

Following the release of the Gadhia Review and the launch of the new Women in Finance Charter, CEO of Virgin Management, Josh Bayliss, this week shared his views on the importance of gender diversity in finance. “We firmly believe that Jayne-Anne’s review offers a huge opportunity and gives all businesses a chance to create an environment where people thrive because of who they are, not in spite of it. We’re committed to ensure Virgin is an inclusive place to work, where diversity is celebrated.” said Josh

Nearly 3,500 people – men and women – contributed to the Gadhia Review. The report found that there are issues of unequal gender representation in financial services, with women representing around 23 per cent of people on Boards, but only 14 per cent of people on Executive Committees.

Apple operating with 93 per cent renewable electricity

Apple’s Vice President of environment, Lisa Jackson, claimed at the ‘Loop You In’ event last week that 93 per cent of Apple’s facilities worldwide run on renewable electricity. 

The world's most profitable company are getting closer to reaching their well publicised goal of operating with 100 per cent renewable electricity and becoming the world's most environmentally friendly business.“We think there’s no greater challenge in the world than the environment,” Jackson said. 

In other news...

  • The Rockefeller Family Fund, a charity set up in 1967 by descendants of John D Rockefeller, announced this week that it will divest from all fossil fuel holdings “as quickly as possible”.
  • Starbucks has pledged to donate 100 per cent of its leftover food through a new programme called FoodShare. The initiative will allow the company to donate perishable, ready-to-eat meals from its 7,600 stores to food banks nationwide.
  • #WorldWaterDay took place on March 22nd – green groups and businesses across the globe united to raise awareness for better water and sanitation for those in need. 
  • Virgin Unite announced its support this week of a new Canadian investment fund, the MaRS Catalyst Fund – a fund that will put people and planet alongside profit.

​What other good news have you come across this week? We'd love to hear about it in the comments box below.