Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) is a non-profit organisation driving the global energy transition from fossil fuels to efficiency and renewables, using market-based solutions. 

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RMI are driven by the understanding that profit does not have to be pitted against our planet, and that this transition can be made economically, and made now, regardless of the policy environment.

RMI recently released their Annual Report, a report which reflects not only on their year of work, but on their last 35 years – their bright past and their boundless future.  Throughout the report you can read about the many important successes RMI programs have achieved in their efforts to accelerate the energy transformation.

The increased urgency of climate change and opportune changes in the energy world are making RMI’s mission more important, and more attainable, than ever. Virgin Unite are proud to support RMI as they continue to embark on their innovative journey to grow their impact and become the most influential energy transition organisation in the world. 

RMI have recently announced their five-year plan – a plan that grew out of a year-long process of self examination, detailed market analysis, and interviews with thought leaders. “To help drive the momentum of decarbonisation, our team at RMI is doubling down, defining new ways to scale our impact, and ensuring that our programs are robust in the new political context,” said CEO, Jules Kortenhorst.

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The focus areas of the resulting plan:

  1. Working on immediate solutions that drive long-term impact.
  2. Increasing our influence on top-level decision makers to increase our overall influence in the system.
  3. Increasing our efficiency and effectiveness by upgrading our management model, financial management, operational systems, and institutional capacity.
  4. Expanding to additional regions around the world beyond the US, China, and Africa. 
  5. Increasing our market participation to spur competitive innovation and get much-needed solutions adopted faster.

“Today, with our new plan and your help, we resolve to do even more, even faster, to address the urgent issue of climate change and capture the many additional economic, environmental, and security benefits associated with the clean energy transition,” said CEO, Jules Kortenhorst.

Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) transforms global energy use to create a clean, prosperous, and secure low-carbon future. Learn more about their work and their team here.