Earlier this month the One Young World Summit convened the brightest talent from every country and sector, working to accelerate social impact. 

Young delegates from over 190 countries participated in panels, networking sessions and workshops and listened to keynote speakers from across the globe. Two such speakers were members of The Elders, Mary Robinson and Gro Harlem Brundtland, coming together to discuss the need for countries to work together to tackle global challenges.

Journalist, Jon Snow, spoke to Mary and Gro about addressing a world in turmoil – with roots of inequality and a growing resentment of government. We find ourselves in trying times, but as Mary Robinson put it – not for the first time.

“Solutions will come from a multilateral system and togetherness – we must be in solidarity as we work for peace,” said Mary. “We need voices defending the multilateral system – and people working together on global problems.”

Gro spoke to the audience about reasons to stay optimistic in a world coming together to create large scale change – and that whilst there’s much to celebrate, the need for faster (and better) implementation remains.


According to Mary, “We are going to see – and we are seeing already – is a different kind of leadership – one which gives a lot of hope.”  We must continue to strive for countries to work in unity in addressing inequality – ensuring we leave no one behind and achieve solidarity between nations. 

The Elders are working to address global challenges of leadership, peace-building, inequality, exclusion and injustice in a rapidly-changing world.