In this week’s #staffreads, we’re taking a look at a social entrepreneur with a sweet tooth! From near expulsion at school, to making £15,000 selling sweets at just 14, Bejay Mulenga has been chosen as the Huffington Post Young Entrepreneur of the Week.

Supa Tuck is a youth run, school-based, enterprise scheme that helps young people in education, set up and run their own tuck shop. Founded by a young boy on the brink of expulsion, the small start-up totaled at a fortune of £15,000 when he was just 14 years old.

Following this, Bejay then looked to secure financial support and mentoring from government business schemes. Continuing to build up his social enterprise, at just 18 years old, his business, had grown to be worth £200,000.

Supa Tuck is focused on encouraging young people to go out and explore, learn new skills and feel empowered, and while it may have started from humble beginnings, in turning his own life around, Bejay has now created a model that is opening the doors for others to do the same. 

In being recognised as Young Entrepreneur of the Week in the Huffington Post, Bejay was interviewed about his business purpose, lessons and goals for the future, sharing an insight into his vison for Supa Tuck.

Who or what inspires you in business?

I would say stories of people overcoming adversity to create businesses that work for them always inspire me. Usually a local entrepreneur with a shop or service business that is providing them a livelihood give me the most inspiration.

I have been inspired by stories of company founders who have put the quality of the product, its innovation and its customers first - people like Elon Musk and Steve Jobs.

What are your ambitions as a young entrepreneur?

My current ambition is to create more exciting ideas and to travel, meeting as many young entrepreneurs and inspiring speakers as possible along the way.

I'm working towards the creation of a huge event where young people over the course of a weekend can learn about business from experts, get to co-create in teams of 10 and make money from live trade. Supa Academy will be launching this concept as the "Retail Hack". 500 young people spread across 50 teams consisting of 10 in each, over three days, learning about starting a business over the first two days and running a retail business on the final day, keeping the money they make at the end.

I'm excited by the prospect of Supa Academy building a mobile app for entrepreneurs in the future and also my other business venture which is going to be distributing content and entertainment in China from 2015 with my business partner Liam Tootill.

Read more from his interview and find out about the work Supa Tuck is doing to engage and support young people.

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