This week’s #staffreads is from, which ran a great article about the free-thinking founder of organisational app, From the confines of Silicon Valley to his office-without-walls, Jay Meistrich talks about new ways of working and how he created while travelling the world.

Combining note-taking, to-do lists, and outlining and planning in one place, is ‘a simple and powerful free app to organise everything in your life everywhere you need it.’ Currently in its first year, the app was the brainchild of inspiration, sparked while travelling 45 cities in 20 countries.

But as Jay explains, it wasn’t all plain sailing: “Three years ago I was preparing to leave my job at Microsoft to move to San Francisco to build a start-up. My friend asked me, ‘but why do you need to be in San Francisco when you can work on a computer from anywhere?’

So off Jay went, travelling to Asia, Australia and Europe… yet he still couldn’t find the inspiration he needed, and fell back on his original plan. Despite being home to many of the world’s largest technology corporations, and an ideal place for tech start-ups, Silicon Valley proved to be counterproductive for Jay. 

”I soon found myself becoming too comfortable and slowing down, getting easily bored and distracted, and watching a lot of TV.”

Finally, it was on a trip to New York that Jay realised the power of travel. While the friends he was staying with were at work, he spent his days at coffee shops, working from his laptop, soon discovering that his six-hour days in a new location were more inspiring and productive than 12-hour days in Silicon Valley. A similar trip to London confirmed the need for fresh space to create fresh ideas.

And so Jay travelled the world, visiting six countries in September alone. Escaping from the suppressive confines of four-walls and 12 hour days, he managed 48-hour weeks, but on his own terms. “I like to work seven days a week with flexible hours so I can take a day off when I please, or enjoy an empty movie theatre at 2pm”

Jay proved that working smart isn't about working the 'right way' but instead finding what works for you. Read Jay’s full article to find out more tips on working with a difference, or how can help you.

Today's #staffreads was written by Press Team intern, Charlotte Ridsdale. Charlotte is currently on a gap year, having applied to go to University this year. She is planning to study French, Russian and Spanish at University.