Building businesses in the 21st century is being done differently to the ways of the past. Businesses today need to contribute to the betterment of the planet and realise that success will come from being more conscious of the world around them. 

It’s no longer about going out every day and solely focusing on making money. Instead, it’s about examining how you can make a difference and how you can serve your fellow human beings. 

Gone are the days of taking advantage of your employees to benefit your bank account – here are the days of supporting employees and helping them achieve their dreams and goals. 

Virgin Unite, 100% Human

Personally, as Founder and CEO of Make Your Mark, my goal is to have members of my team return home at the end of their day and talk so favourably about the company, that their family and friends want to hand over their resumes and join our incredible team.

Here are the days of supporting employees and helping them achieve their dreams and goals. 

To me, our team at the office is my family – I love seeing them, working with them, and watching them achieve their goals. When they do this they are helping the company achieve its own goals. At Make Your Mark we’ve started a process whereby each team member that joins the company is asked to share their dreams and goals for the year (and then add it to our family wall). Then, when managers sit down to create the goals of the company, we ensure they’re aligned with those of our individual team members.

I believe the most successful companies in the 21st century will be the ones that create exceptional heart-centred communities. They will be focused on making lives better and looking after the planet for generations to come. When you treat people with love and kindness it emanates out into the world. 

Virgin Unite, 100% Human

Showing love and respect in the workplace will also result in higher and more positive energy levels – and when you respect your clients, team, and vendors, better business results are produced. Businesses I’ve worked with have reported profits increases of over 200 per cent after implementing a focus shift and becoming more ‘employee first’. And it’s not only their business results and relationships that shift, but their personal relationships too. Time and time again I hear from people about how relationships at home became stronger and more positive once implementing heart-centred ways of working.

Another key focus of my work is to help reduce divorce rates. Many businesses fail because of financial challenges, this is also the number one cause of failure of marriages. I believe this can be achieved through improved business behaviours.

I urge you to join me on my journey as I work to positively impact business owners and their families – helping them build stronger relationships to support future generations and the health of our planet.

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