This month, in support of DearTomorrow, Virgin Unite are publishing letters from Virgin company leaders about climate change.

The DearTomorrow campaign is working to change the way the world thinks about climate action, with all letters written to our ‘future self, family, child or children’ reflecting on climate change and how it is impacting our lives and the future of the planet.

Today Josh Bayliss, CEO of Virgin Group, continues the series with a letter to his children, Maya and Tom. 

Virgin Unite, Dear Tomorrow, Sustainability, Climate Change, Josh Bayliss

Dear Maya and Tom,

Ever since we moved to Switzerland I have loved winter. I didn’t always love it, but it is a really special time of year for me now. The main reason is because we are really lucky to spend our weekends in the snow. When you were little we built snowmen. Now we all go skiing together and explore the mountains.

You both know a lot about climate change already. You know it could have a big impact on the Earth and its people and animals, plants and oceans. People say that if we don’t all act together to do something about climate change it could make skiing a thing of the past. The snow might not come so regularly, or maybe not at all, to the places we love to spend time together in the winter. And there could be other much more serious consequences.

Virgin Unite, Dear Tomorrow, Sustainability, Climate Change, Josh Bayliss

I have always encouraged you to dream. I don’t want you to have the opportunities I had, which were really significant, but to have even more of a chance to have happy lives filled with love, joy and success. That should be in a world that is peaceful and sustainable. I have found that happiness comes from the moments we share as a family, and I want you to experience the same thing with your own families.

The environment is something I have always been passionate about. I spent a year writing about sustainability and the environment when I was at University. As a family we try really hard to make good decisions about recycling, carbon emissions and our impact on the environment. I am really lucky to be able to influence businesses to make good decisions too. We do a lot of things at Virgin that are aimed at helping the environment – funding projects, investing in new technology, working with partners who believe in this cause too, and maybe most importantly being really conscious of the impact our actions have and doing something about it. I am going to keep doing what I can to ensure that the world your children grow up in is as wonderful as it has been for us. 

Love always

Virgin Unite, Dear Tomorrow, Sustainability, Climate Change, Josh Bayliss

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