Last year we watched in horror as Hurricanes Irma and Maria tore through the Caribbean, causing destruction to everything in their path.

“Had this storm hit us in the middle of the night, there wouldn’t be living to bury the dead,” – Dr. Kedrick Pickering, the Deputy Premier and Minister of Natural Resources and Labour.

Despite extreme physical damage, the British Virgin Islands are not devastated. In less than eight weeks the people of the BVI have shown unfaltering resilience and determination to rebuild their home and make it stronger, smarter and greener than before. There is a long journey ahead, but the spirit of the people is stronger than ever.

In support of the recovery efforts, Aerial Produced has created a hope-filled documentary celebrating the spirit of the Caribbean community and their dedication to rebuilding both their country and lives. Please watch BVI Strong Story above.

cane_garden_bay_drive, Aerial Produced

The most impactful way to help support the recovery of the BVI long-term, is to visit. Every dollar you spend helps reignite the economy and provide jobs for those who have lost so much.