NPX – a company reinventing how the non-profit sector is financed – last week announced the launch of the first donor fund, ensuring impact for every dollar donated. 

The new fund deploys capital using the Impact Security product – a proprietary financial product that brings together donors and investors to fund non-profits based on impact. 

“Innovation is crucial to keep industries moving forward. Companies are continuously evolving and innovating, the same should be true for non-profits and the communities they serve. The NPX team has taken this approach to philanthropic giving and its innovative solution will help nonprofits to raise more funds and their profiles at the same time,” said Richard Branson, Founder of  Virgin Unite.

Virgin Unite, The Last Mile

Whether someone donates individually or as part of a donor fund, they follow the same general path: due diligence, donate, and hope for impact. By using Impact Security, donations are only deployed upon the delivery of objectively measured impact. The Last Mile (TLM) – a non-profit organisation proudly supported by Virgin Unite – is the first organisation to issue an Impact Security. TLM prepare incarcerated individuals for successful re-entry through business and technology training. 

By using Impact Security, donations are only deployed upon the delivery of objectively measured impact.  

The Impact Security product will allow them to issue performance-based debt to investors and make required payments on the debt over time with donations from the established donor fund. 
As TLM measurably progresses towards its impact goal the donor fund will disburse up to $900,000 to TLM to re-pay the impact investors. The donor fund does not ensure that impact happens, but ensures that donations are only deployed if, and when, impact happens.

Virgin Unite, The Last Mile

If TLM falls short of its impact targets, investors may lose some or all of their investment and the donors in the fund will re-deploy the remaining funds to other nonprofits of their choosing. Beverly Parenti, Executive Director of The Last Mile, said the following about the donor fund: “NPX has transformed fundraising for nonprofits. The Impact Security enables us to focus on creating impact rather than hosting events and other fundraising tactics.” 

NPX works with innovative, forward-thinking philanthropists to create donor funds focused on a wide range of issue areas using their proprietary financial product, the Impact Security. Learn more at