Earlier this year The Elders launched Access to Justice  –  a new programme that amplifies the voices of civil society and grassroots activists, as they engage with policymakers and heads of state to drive development, social justice and economic growth.

Since the scale of the justice gap was revealed over ten years ago not enough progress has been made to extend the provision of justice to the people who need it most – especially women, people living in poverty, and minority groups.

Watch The Elders call on all leaders to make ambitious commitments to achieve justice for all

When justice and security is only available to the rich and the powerful –  and when there is impunity for those who break laws and abuse rights –  the states are weakened and their capacity to preserve the rule of law and to pursue development diminished. 

The Elders have published a position paper outlining key access to justice recommendations. The recommendations include: 

  • Delivering access to justice is critical to the full implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 16 and the wider 2030 Development Agenda
  • Legal systems must be reformed and modernised so they are responsive, innovative, inclusive, people-centred and uphold human rights
  • Independent legal support, such as community-based paralegals, should be supported to help citizens navigate systems and find practical, timely solutions
  • Violence against women and girls must be addressed urgently as a profound global injustice, by political, traditional and religious leaders
The Elders, Ernesto Zedillo

All sectors in society must step up and take responsibility to deliver access to justice to the most vulnerable individuals and communities. Please join the conversation and support The Elders’ work today.