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Last year, on World Alzheimer’s Day, I blogged about alarming data that showed that one in three people born in 2015 will go on to develop dementia in later life. What’s more alarming, however, is that most people view dementia as an inevitability.

This is untrue. Dementia is caused by diseases, and diseases can be prevented and beaten. To make this point clear and confront misunderstanding around dementia, Alzheimer’s Research UK has released the stop motion animation below.

Help us spread the word about dementia - #sharetheorange

The thought-provoking video features an orange gradually stripped away to demonstrate how the diseases that cause dementia, most commonly Alzheimer’s, physically attack the brain. Fronted by the award-winning actor, Christopher Eccleston – whose father Ronnie died with vascular dementia – it aims to raise awareness that dementia isn’t a natural part of ageing.

The campaign urges viewers to #sharetheorange to help get people thinking differently about dementia. “While scientists fight dementia in the lab, by sharing the film anyone can fight the misunderstanding and fatalism that surrounds dementia in our society,” Christopher said.

Having a family member that has been personally affected by Alzheimer’s, I’m proud to #sharetheorange. 

My dear Uncle Charlie’s partner Barbara bravely battled Alzheimer’s. Uncle Charlie wrote to me about their experience: “Acceptance comes so very hard, along with a sense of helplessness watching my best friend and soul mate for over half a century slowly drift away to a place without memories. But this isn’t about myself, there are many million like me who watch their loved ones fight this monster Alzheimer’s on a daily basis as everything they once were is taken from them.”


There are currently no treatments that can slow or stop dementia, but if we #sharetheorange we can create awareness about it, so that more research can be done to prevent so many people from going on to develop the tormenting disorder.

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