Live Life Better

About this podcast

Melissa Hemsley returns for series three of Live Life Better, the show that aims to do exactly what it says on the tin – help you live life better. From mental health to our bodies, relationships, work-life balance and the food on your plate, this podcast is full of advice and insights to make a difference where it matters most to you.

Throughout this third series Melissa will be enlisting the help of authors, artists and sensory experts to take a look at how we can all live happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives by immersing ourselves in new sensory experiences. Each week a different sense will be explored, so prepare to hear, see and even taste the world a little differently this year.

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Series 3

02: Seeing further

How can the visual world make our lives better? This week we explore the power of colours, light and how immersing our eyes in new experiences can lead to a happier, healthier and more fulfilled existence.


03: Tasting better

We’ve all had a first sip of a drink or a bite of a meal which transports us to a different location, another time or a familiar emotion. But how can we harness the power of taste to open up different experiences and improve our lives? Melissa Hemsley invites three food and drink experts into the studio to find out some answers.


04: Hearing more

We all have a favourite song, or an album that we turn to when we need a boost. But how do the music we listen to and the sounds that we hear affect our everyday wellbeing? Melissa Hemsley finds out from three sound experts.


05: Embracing touch

Are you a hugger or a handshaker? Touch is important to all of us, as Melissa Hemsley finds out from this week’s guests. 


06: Exploring Smell

What's your signature scent? Smell is important to all of us, as Melissa Hemsley finds out from this week’s guests...


07: Seeking the sixth sense

Whether you believe there's something 'out there' or not, there's no disputing many of us have experienced gut-feelings or tingling sensations when something's wrong. Melissa Hemsley finds out from this week's guests. 

Series 2

01: Real world self-care tips

Melissa Hemsley is joined in the studio by Nadia Narain and Katia Narain Phillips - the authors of Self-Care For The Real World - for a series two teaser full of ways to feel good in the new year.

02: Creating healthy habits

Melissa Hemsley meets authors Megan Jayne Crabbe and Roman Krznaric to discuss breaking out of your comfort zone and building a positive mindset.

03: Building resilience

Authors Neil Shah and Emma Cannon join Melissa Hemsley to discuss the theme of resilience - sharing tips and tricks on overcoming obstacles and living a more relaxed life.

05: A clutter-free life

This Live Life Better episode is dedicated to clutter busting and spring cleaning - but how can we make a clutter-free life something that we carry through the whole year round?

07: The secrets of sleep

Late night yesterday? Feeling sleepy? Turning to the caffeine? Stop and listen up! In this episode of Live.Life.Better., Melissa is joined by the only Professor of Sleep Science in the whole world, Jason Ellis.

08: Mental and physical health

Feeling lethargic? A little sluggish even? Perhaps you wish you were fitter, but those trainers only surface when popping to the shops. If so, join us  as Melissa Hemsley asks how physical fitness can be used to shape our bodies and minds alike.

Series 1

01: Let's get physical

In our first episode of Live Life Better we've got a range of tips, hints and practical advice for getting fitter, healthier and happier.

04: Women taking the lead

For this International Women’s Day bonus episode special guest presenter Vanessa Sanyauke talks politics, business and life with three inspirational guests.

05: Spring clean your life

Spring is here on this episode of Live Life Better, it’s time to breathe some fresh air into the areas of your life that have been gathering cobwebs over the winter season.

06: A creative shot in the arm

Are you suffering from creative block? Do you have trouble communicating your ideas? If you've just answered yes to either of the following questions then this latest episode is just what you need.

07: Mental health awareness

To mark Mental Health Awareness Week, Dominic Frisby is joined by three authors who discuss their different approaches to anxiety, stress and mindfulness.