Earth Unscrewed

About this podcast

In this podcast powered by Virgin, Earth Unscrewed looks at some of the incredible, and often surprising, developments that are providing some serious hope for the future of our planet. Humans have been screwing up the Earth, and this podcast is looking into the incredible work that's being done to help ‘un-screw’ it. Presenters Dr. Helen Scales and Seyi Rhodes meet the innovators striving to make a change; from the man mining fatbergs for clean fuel, to the woman in Kenya bringing electric power to her village, to the team finding a surprising use for waste chicken feathers!

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Series 1

01: Driving Change

In this first episode of Earth Unscrewed, a new podcast powered by Virgin, presenters Dr. Helen Scales and Seyi Rhodes get into the topic of cars.


03: What a Load of Rubbish!

This week on Earth Unscrewed we get beneath the buzz words to understand what is meant by ‘closed loop production’ and explore how circular economies can help to unscrew the planet.


04: Can Electric Power Empower?

In this episode, Helen and Seyi look to Kenya to learn how electric power can help unscrew the planet whilst empowering economies and societies.