Entrepreneurship coach

For nearly two decades, Federico has built his reputation as an entrepreneur, business coach, mentor, motivational speaker, and business writer across the small and medium business sectors.

He is the founder of a niche coaching practice (www.creativeentrepreneur.com.au), tailored for aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners, and other world class business leaders.

Federico’s journey is inspirational, one where an enduring passion blossomed into an entrepreneurial adventure. In 1997, at only 22 years of age, Federico co-founded his first business venture – a designer stationery and giftware company which defied the sceptics. His business achieved the unthinkable, delivering and sustaining revenue growth of more than 50% per annum over 10 consecutive years, reaching retail sales of more than $10 million per year, across 1000 retail stores, throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Driven by consumer lifestyle changes, Federico connects directly with people, inspiring and energising them to achieve greater things. He often draws on his personal experiences of leadership, entrepreneurial success, innovation, global trends, competitiveness, and design.

His favourite quote is: “You are not born an entrepreneur. You become one if you think like one.” Federico is co-author of the international best seller: "Millionaire Coach". His book continues to inspire readers to pursue their dreams and aspirations, just the way he did.

Federico is an accredited NLP practitioner, and was trained at the 'Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship' in South Africa in 2013. Federico is featured on a number of high profile magazines from around the world, and is a freelance writer. His editorial work focuses around entrepreneurship, leadership, innovation, technology, social media, and market trends.