Aerospace Engineer, Virgin Galactic

Ms. Beth Moses is an aerospace engineer, formerly with NASA and now with Virgin Galactic.  At NASA, Ms. Moses served as the assembly manager for the International Space Station from initial design through final on-orbit construction.  After the completion of ISS assembly, she was selected as the inaugural Chief Astronaut Trainer at Virgin Galactic.  She is now designing and building the training program, equipment, and facilities at Spaceport America to prepare future astronauts for spaceflight on Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo. 

Beth received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering from Purdue University.  As a student, she was awarded the National Science Foundations’ Microgravity Research Award to conduct materials research in parabolic flight.  After student internships, she joined NASA’s Johnson Space Center and began designing Extravehicular Activity (EVA) equipment, underwater mockups, and the ISS human thermal vacuum test program.  She ultimately led the global program of EVA human-in-the-loop testing to verify the performance of all mechanisms used to assemble and maintain ISS.  Beth also led the international engineering team that designed the EVA outfitting of two central elements of the ISS, Node2 and Node3.  In 2009, NASA received the Robert J. Collier trophy honoring the “greatest achievement in aeronautics and astronautics in America” for “successful design, development, and assembly of the worlds’ largest spacecraft, an orbiting laboratory, promising new discoveries for mankind and setting new standards for international co-operation in space”.