This week Big Change is celebrating its fifth birthday. An organisation dreamt up by a group of six friends sat around a kitchen table, Big Change has now grown into a passionate community of more than a thousand. Today the team want to share a new report to highlight some of their biggest achievements to date.

Big Change is committed to supporting the next generation – ensuring all young people, no matter what lifestyle they are born into, have the skills, support and mindset to positively influence their own lives, and the world around them.

Big Change, overview, five year

Creating long-term, systemic change however, is no small task and the success of Big Change heavily relies on working with the right people in the right way.

Since conception, Big Change has backed 18 projects and the results speak for themselves:

  • Frontline has gone on to receive multi-million pound government support to scale nationally and change the face of social work 
  • Voice 21 is now helping young people find their voice in over 200 schools and
  • The NCS Opportunity Hub shared 70,000 development opportunities with young people in its first three months of launching. 

The report highlights how every person has played a critical role in accelerating the impact of  Big Change’s game-changing projects – whether through sharing expertise, funds, time or valuable support. 

Big Change, achievements infographic, five year

"We’re incredibly excited and proud to share our 5 Year Review with you. This is a celebration of everything we have achieved together with our game-changing projects and our extraordinary community, and lays down a powerful gauntlet for the five years of Big Change to come." – Essie, Managing Director, Big Change

Congratulations Big Change – we can’t wait to see what the next five years will bring.