Virgin Limited Edition chef represents Morocco on the global stage

From Morocco to Capitol Hill, Yassine Khalal’s tagines come served with a side of culinary diplomacy.

Yassine Khalal - Head Chef at Kasbah Tamadot

Khalal is head chef at Kasbah TamadotVirgin Limited Edition's Moroccan retreat, and has been chosen to represent Morocco at the Embassy Chef Challenge in Washington DC.

Princess Lalla Joumala, ambassador of Morocco to the United States, personally selected Khalal after she dined at Kasbah Tamadot last year.

The annual event celebrates cultural diversity and inclusion and takes place in the very heart of the US capital, nestled among 190 national embassies. Top chefs from all corners of the globe will gather to showcase authentic and traditional dishes from their home countries.

The invitation is a huge honour for Khalal and an incredible acknowledgement of his culinary skills.

To prepare for the challenge, Khalal has designed a tantalising three course menu which showcases the vibrant and eclectic tastes of Morocco. The dishes include:

  • Creamy fish pastilla with anise, fruit, aioli and saffron pistil
  • Shoulder of lamb mechoui, potato muslin with saffron pistil and cumin grain
  • Chocolate parfait with ras el hanout and a chlada of red fruit with mint

As it turns out, Princess Lalla Joumala isn’t the only advocate for Yassine’s cooking. Richard Branson is a big fan too and his favourite dish on the menu at Kasbah Tamadot is Khalal’s chicken tagine served with potatoes, olives and preserved lemon. Khalal has kindly shared the recipe with us below.

Kasbah Tamadot Chicken Tagine Recipe
Kasbah Tamadot Chicken Tagine Recipe

Thanks Khalal and we’re sending you a huge congratulations from everyone in the Virgin Family. All the best for the challenge!

If you’re hungry for more, you can read more about Morocco and the Kasbah Tamadot retreat here.


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