The Virgin Podcast - Cecile Reinaud

One of the most amazing business success stories of the last decade has been Séraphine, the maternity fashion store.

It started with a small shop in Kensington in 2002. 14 years later the brand sells in 30 countries worldwide and has dressed Angelina Jolie, Kate Winslet and Kate Middleton.

"We dress rock star to royalty," says its founder, Parisian, Cecile Reinaud, who she joins me today on the Virgin Podcast.


"I’m not sure I would have been able to build this business in France," she confesses. "The culture is far less optimistic, less trustworthy, less meritocratic… the paperwork, the taxation, the restrictions with employees, the rules, the regulations really hinder entrepreneurship."

What’s the most important secret to building a business? "Recruiting the right people is the hardest thing … and you have to move quickly, before someone else can use your idea."

Her final piece of advice: "Whenever you have a setback, and things don’t go to plan, never lose your enthusiasm."


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