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What does your desk say about you? In this series we enter the workspaces of people across the world, discovering what they couldn’t work without and how they harness the power of creativity…

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Who are you? George from Rank Amateur.

What do you do? Make films - often with models in them. I recently made a promo with a nutty little spaceship in it, pictured.

What does your workspace tell us about you? Chaotic! I like to have lots of different stuff to hand. Tech and apps on the one hand, pens, paper, cardboard and paint on the other. Efficiency is for meetings. Chaos is for creation!

Where do you prefer to work from? Home.

Image credit: George Taylor

How does the environment in which you work benefit you creatively? I 'hot desk' in my own house - from 'clean' areas with internet, to the studio with lots of gear lying round, to the kitchen table where I tend to end up making 3D stuff. I like having people around. Kids will often sweetly point out the bleeding obvious thing you've completely missed.

If you could improve one thing about your workspace what would it be? Just bigger and more. More space to spread out in. I don't like putting stuff away because I tend to forget about it. It needs to be in eye-line in order to get used. Often bits and pieces - materials or found objects - sit around for months before a bright idea suddenly pops up and they get incorporated in to some project.

Other than tech, which item on your desktop do you cherish the most? Just a crappy old pen and a notebook. I find the process of writing seems to connect things up in the brain differently to the way typing on a keyboard does. Often it's the crossed out stuff you come back to and re-evaluate.

Other than tech, which item can you not leave the office without? Ditto. You can't beat a pen and paper - though sometimes deciphering scrawled notes can be a bit of a challenge.

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