Breaking Barriers podcast - Young Black Male

Young black men have higher unemployment rates than all other groups of young people - why is that? This week on the Breaking Barriers podcast we take a look at race through the lens of the film industry.

Jordan Bangura is a young, confident black man who has been involved in the charity Cardboard Citizens for several years, making life-changing theatre with and for homeless people and has aspirations to work in the film industry. Richard Loncraine is a white film director and Oscar winner, based in West London, who spends much of his time in the US having had a very successful career in Hollywood.

In this episode, the two sit down to talk unashamedly about race; how the industry has changed its perception of race over the years, why representation is important and their hopes for the future… with one or two Hollywood anecdotes along the way.

Throughout this series, presented by Yassmin Abdel-Magied, you’ll hear six inspiring, intimate and frank conversations between those who hold power in sought-after industries and the people struggling to find their way due to a variety of barriers that life throws up.

Jordan and Richard sit down for a discussion

If you missed our first two episodes, which took a look at the impact of motherhood and Autism on equal work opportunities, then head over to the podcast homepage to take a listen.

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