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Virgin is all about inspiration, innovation and creating tangible change across businesses and the world. Join us at this full day conference to change your personal and professional life, hear from compelling speakers including Richard Branson, engage with interactive installations and connect with like-minded people.

Monday October 3rd 2016
9:15am – 17:30pm
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  • “I really appreciate the emphasis on practical implementation. Showing that valuing the personal aspects of life has a positive impact on the health of a business.”

    Disruptor Attendee - 2015

  • “Just discovered Virgin Disruptors and I’m like a moth to a flame! Refreshing conversation!”

    Disruptor Attendee - 2015

  • “Tuning into this gathering of some of the world’s most influential people & leading thinkers was a major highlight for me. It was so inspiring to see this panel live in action.”

    Disruptor Attendee - 2015

  • “Great talk on women equality in the workplace… and more! Always a good day when I see Richard Branson.”

    Disruptor Attendee - 2015

Selected speakers of 2016

Sir Richard Branson

Founder - Virgin Group

One of the world’s most celebrated influencers on entrepreneurship, leadership and building companies that make a difference in the lives of others.

Holly Ransom

CEO - Emergent

A serial overachiever and regular commentator globally on millennials, entrepreneurs, politics and innovation. As 2014 Youth Summit Chair, 2016 Co-Chair to the UN Global Coalition of Young Women, Holly's influence continues to rise in spaces where attention is needed to solve problems.

Peter Smith

Co-Founder - Blockchain

Founder of the world's most popular Bitcoin wallets Blockchain, Peter is quickly becoming a leading voice in the FinTech world as he revolutionises the bitcoin industry and works to help the world keep up.

Dom Price

Head of Research & Development - Atlassian

As a senior member of one of the world's most successful tech companies, Dom has been instrumental in fostering growth, enabling innovation and supporting the start-up ecosystem. The work he has implemented has been rolled out globally and replicated by many organisations seeking Atlassian’s level of success.

Chuck Stephens

Head of Diversity & Inclusion - Google

A huge challenge across workforces is eliminating unconscious bias and creating workforces that are reflective of a diverse and inclusive environment. Chuck is playing a critical role in developing and rolling out this strategy for Google as it seeks to reflect internally the audience that it caters for externally in the market.

Dr Andy Walshe

Head of Performance - Red Bull

Red Bull is one of the most globally recognised and respected brands in the world. Andy has played a pivotal role in shaping the Red Bull performance program, which works to push its elite athletes to their absolute peak. Andy will dive into how you can apply the Red Bull model to your teams.

Nisreen Shocair

President - Virgin Megastore MENA

One of the most celebrated entrepreneurs in the Arab world, Nisreen has grown the business both vertically and horizontally to be one of the most well respected customer-centric brands in the region. Her trend foresight, customer-centric approach and astute sense of all things digital has made scaling a natural process.

Matt Wallaert

Director - Microsoft Startup Growth Partners

Building products that drive behavioural change through technology is no easy feat - nor is getting the backing to do it. Matt brings with him a raft of experience, through starting and selling two start-ups, as a behavioural scientist and through helping to accelerate start-ups with the Microsoft VC scheme.

Daniel Cheetham

CIO - Happy Finish

What does the future of our cities look like? Daniel is part of a small group of individuals leading the way in shaping how we engage and interact with the built environment. He specialises in what this could mean for solving some of the world's issues and enabling problem solving using virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality technology.

Solly Solomou

Founder & CEO - TheLADBible

Redefining what it means to be a ‘Lad’, Solly is the man behind the digital media phenomenon TheLADBible. Growing the business from a single Facebook page, The LADBible is now the second biggest content site in the UK: a multi-channel, multi-brand portfolio which reaches over 150 million people a week across their website, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Vine, YouTube, Apple TV and iOS app.

Emma Sinclair MBE

Founder - EnterpriseJungle

The youngest person to have floated a company on the London Stock Exchange, Emma is harnessing entrepreneurship to change the world. A self-confessed tech head who transforms enterprise talent for businesses, she is also UNICEF’s first business mentor.

Sara Khan

Co-Founder - Inspire

Sara is not one to shy away from difficult conversations. The award-winning British Muslim human rights activist and co-director of Inspire, a counter-extremism and women’s rights organisation, is reshaping and shifting the dialogue we have around peace, stability and fostering an inclusive world.

Cyrill Gutsch

Founder - Parley for the Oceans

In a world where climate change and degradation of our natural environment are commonplace, Cyrill has created an organisation that champions solutions. Claiming that a new future is possible if we all do our part, he has developed a platform where the creative industries can get together and act to protect our life-sustaining ecosystem.  His initiative is for the industry to adopt a new business culture that understands protecting the ocean is more lucrative than destroying it.

Charleen Cannone

Managing Director - Virgin Sport

Charleen passionately believes the whole world should be united in movement, and that’s why joined Virgin Sport in June 2016 as their UK Managing Director, keeping an eye on operations from London. Before that, Charleen was the Sponsorship Director at Sportfive (Lagardère Unlimited) in Paris. Originally from South Africa, she has spent most of her adulthood in the UK, where she has worked on many projects including the London 2012 Olympics.

Ajaz Ahmed

Founder & CEO - AKQA

At 21 Ajaz set up AQKA, the innovation and ideas company which today employs over 1,500 people in 15 offices across the globe. AKQA has taken home a bevy of awards under Ajaz’s leadership and is continuously celebrated for the culture and vision that he has fostered. An early adopter and now advocate of the 100% Human approach to running a business, AKQA are paving the way for other creative agencies and business to progress without compromising on purpose.


Lisa Thomas

Global Head of Brand
and Managing Director - Virgin Group

Adopting an entrepreneurial mind-set throughout her career, Lisa has turned heads with her savvy approach to business and making an impact. From Group CEO at M&C Saatchi, to establishing her own agency, LIDA, to now Global Head of Brand and Managing Director for Virgin Enterprises Limited, Lisa has a track record of leaving a remarkable impact and difference in her wake.


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Learn tips, tricks and ideas about how you can foster and shape disruption.


Connect with 600 like-minded individuals that are breaking boundaries.


Experience first-hand some of the ways that Virgin has been able to disrupt business since day one.

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