Virgin Pulse introduces Homebase for Health

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Natalie Clarkson
by Natalie Clarkson
19 October 2020

Virgin Pulse has launched Homebase for Health, bringing together tools for employers to simplify employees’ health journey.

No-one was prepared for the unprecedented challenges and changes that 2020 has brought, but Virgin Pulse’s new offering will make it easier than ever to look after employee wellbeing.

Wellbeing is no longer an optional, ‘nice to have’ workplace perk. Employers need to prioritise their employees health and wellbeing. Homebase for Health simplifies the wellbeing experience, putting digital tools and resources all in one place for people to understand and take action towards their personal health goals.

With the introduction of Homebase for Health, Virgin Pulse has added:

  • A new user experience and app navigation for truly personalised wellbeing experience, along with increased device connectivity and data personalization through Apple Health and Google Fit to keep people engaged in their wellbeing daily 

  • Expanded Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning-enabled member interactions to deliver hyper-personalised health and wellbeing user experiences, from smart healthy nudges to relevant recommendations

  • Improved claims analytics tools and insights, including a care checklist and integrated solutions to close gaps in care and reduce healthcare costs

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  • A suite of evidence-based digital therapeutics, high-touch personalised health coaching and partner offerings to support your high-risk populations to manage or prevent chronic conditions like type 2 diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and musculoskeletal disorders

  • Refreshed diversity and inclusion content to educate your workforce and support a culture of health equity

  • Additional features like peer recognition, surveys and support tools to keep your people connected and engaged, wherever they are

During the coronavirus pandemic, Virgin Pulse has offered tips and guides to understanding wellbeing in the ‘new normal’.

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