Virgin Mobile Middle East and Africa pledges to go carbon-neutral across its operations

Virgin Mobile UAE
Virgin Mobile UAE
Natalie Clarkson
by Natalie Clarkson
22 June 2021

Virgin Mobile Middle East and Africa (MEA) is set to greatly minimise its environmental impact by the end of 2021 in a new pledge to go carbon-neutral across its operations. 

The company has promised to eliminate its own operational carbon footprint and remove single-use plastic from SIM and recharge cards in just a few months.

Announcing the initiative, Erik Dudman Nielsen, founder and CEO of Virgin Mobile MEA, said: “As a digital trailblazer, our focus has always been to make mobile better, not just through our services but to drive positive social and environmental impact through everything we do. 

“We believe in providing more choice for customers in the region and are looking forward to achieving the goals we have set for ourselves to provide a more sustainable choice for consumers in the Middle East.

“Reducing the negative impacts of our operations on society and the environment and providing the foundation to embed sustainable habits in everything we do is at the heart of the Virgin brand, and we look forward to more exciting announcements in this space to come throughout 2021.”

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Green partnerships

Virgin Mobile MEA has committed to becoming fully carbon neutral across its operations through a series of initiatives designed to eliminate and balance carbon emissions across its corporate and customer footprint.

To achieve this goal, Virgin Mobile MEA has partnered with the Dubai Carbon Center of Excellence and reviewed its carbon usage practices across the business. The primary focus is on implementing organisational processes to directly reduce the carbon footprint. Any remaining footprint that cannot be directly reduced will then be offset via GCC green investment projects specific to each market, and through internationally recognised reforestation projects. 

The company is also auditing vendors and supply chain for compliance with fair trade manufacturing and ethical practices. To ensure that this initiative can remain more inclusive, Virgin Mobile MEA is working on enabling its customers to participate in sustainability efforts to offset carbon.

Since 2017, Virgin Mobile MEA has already successfully eliminated over 50 tonnes of single-use plastic across its operations in the Middle East – achieving 100% single-use plastic free status in some parts. Virgin Mobile MEA was awarded the Virgin Group’s global annual Sustainability Award in 2019 for their efforts to eliminate single-use plastic following the initial pilot project.

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