Virgin Atlantic Recommends: Barbados

Virgin Atlantic crew member Andrea in Barbados
Virgin Atlantic
by Limara Salt
17 January 2024

When the world is your oyster it can be hard to narrow down which wonderful place to visit next. Virgin Red members can use their points to travel to some of the fabulous destinations Virgin Atlantic serves – all that’s left to decide is where you’re going to go. And if anyone knows a thing or two about the best places to visit, it’s the Virgin Atlantic cabin crew. 

In need of some winter sun? Prepare to add Barbados to your wishlist as Andrea, cabin service supervisor at Virgin Atlantic, reveals how she loves nothing more than a dip in the ocean and a seafood dinner on the island… 

Virgin Atlantic's Andrea boarding a flight
Virgin Atlantic

I absolutely adored my first visit to the island many years ago. When the aircraft door opened and the tropical heat hit my face, I felt like I’d stepped into a virtual postcard. The aqua blue skies served as the backdrop to the swaying branches of the distant palm trees. The breezy waft of the salty Caribbean Sea masked any hint jet fuel as I walked onto the tarmac.

Although Barbados has the traditional and historic hallmarks of a Caribbean Island, every island in the West Indies has its own signature identity. Each time I visit, I dip my toes in a little further to explore. 

Virgin Atlantic's Andrea on a beach in Barbados
Virgin Atlantic

My typical layover in Barbados consists of a dip in the sea after a visit to one of my favourite coffee spots. On longer trips I like to head to the west coast and hang out – or ‘lime’, as they say – dining and soaking up the tropical atmosphere and the vibe. 

I particularly enjoy beach bars and restaurants like La Cabane, Deia Beach Club or the botanical inspired bistro café, Sage. I love to visit Blush Café, too, for their inviting photo opportunities. Their pink blush latte is delicious: I have it with oat milk and the coffee beans are from Wyndhams, a local roaster. 

Virgin Atlantic's Andrea enjoying a pink blush latte
Virgin Atlantic

I’m a pescatarian, so Barbados is my fish and seafood heaven. Barbecued lobster or grilled catch of the day, and a side of mac pie laced with the fiery but delicious hot sauce is my favourite. There’s also nothing quite like sipping the water from a coconut – adding rum is optional. 

If I’m in Barbados over a Friday, I’ll head to Oistins Fish Fry, a wonderful Friday night open air festival. There’s great tasting freshly grilled fish and seafood, live music, and market stools selling local arts and crafts. It’s a truly atmospheric balmy night of fun beneath the Caribbean sky. 

Harrison's Cave

A wonderful place to explore is Harrison’s Cave which I can only describe as a giant crystal maze you must navigate your way through. The naturally formed caves caused by water erosion will have you marvelling. The peaceful sounds of mini waterfalls and running streams through the caverns and stalactites create a super relaxing vibe.  

What keeps me coming back to Barbados? Well, that’s easy – it’s the feeling of being in paradise with endless ways to spend your day. 

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