Pair your meal with wines like a pro, with help from Virgin Wines

Virgin Wines
Virgin WInes
by Limara Salt
14 April 2022

As we etch closer to spring, the urge to plan dinner parties, barbeques and park picnics grows, but if you struggle to figure out which drinks to serve with your delicious food, let us help. 

Wine knowledge has long been considered a refined and elegant skill, but since we can’t all be professional sommeliers, our pals at Virgin Wines have lent a helping hand.

So whether you prefer your vino crisp or full-bodied, here are our meal suggestions to impress your guests and take your hosting to the next level. 

Albacore Reserve Shiraz (Southern Australia, 14.0% ABV)

This South Australian fave is created by blending the best grapes from various regions to create this rich, smooth wine. Notes of pronounced damson fruit are backed by classic mature notes of leather, chocolate-box and spice. The full-bodied and fruity taste makes it a perfect match for a lamb stew; a guaranteed hit with your guests. 

Bastions V Shiraz (Western Cape, 14.0% ABV)

Perfectly formed from the Western Cape of South Africa, Shiraz is a beautifully balanced wine with enough frivolity to glug but also perfect for food. Especially when that food is tasty beef or ribs, dripping in sauce and seasoning that pairs perfectly with the black cherry flavours. 

Trabajemos Organic Tempranillo (Castilla La Mancha, 13.5% ABV)

This vegan wine hails from southern Spain and is densely fruited with notes of black cherry, strawberry, bitter chocolate and hints of coffee bean. For such strong flavours your meal should hit the other side of the spectrum; something like roast pork, a chorizo dish, or if your diet is plant-based, a meal packed with beans like chilli con carne or a bean burger should do the trick. 

Les Arbousiers Reserve Malbec (Pays d'Oc, 13.5% ABV)

This French wine is a softer, juicier, but by no means lesser, alternative to the Argentinian Malbec. Bursting with bramble flavours, this is one of the most moreish choices available from Virgin Wines and is the perfect option for a hefty serving of roast lamb. 

Image of Virgin Wines Easter Extravaganza Mixed Wine Case.
Virgin Wines

Brio Pinot Grigio (Veneto, 12.0% ABV)

Another vegan wine available in the case is this offering from Italy; a bright and breezy white with hints of ripe apple and pear on first sip, but with citrus freshness on finish. As is traditional, this wine goes wonderfully with a chicken or seafood pasta dish, while you can add tofu for a vegan alternative. 

Billy Bosch Highwire Chenin Blanc (Swartland, 12.0% ABV)

Speaking of traditions, Good Friday is usually when most make a fish-based feast, and if you like a wine to offset the garlic and ginger in a Goan fish curry, we recommend the Billy Bosch Highwire Chenin Blanc. Hailing from the Swartland region of South Africa, this is a bright and clean option with a fresh citrus character. 

Finca Manzanos Seleccion de la Familia Rioja Blanco (Rioja, 12.5% ABV)

This vegan wine from a family-owned bodega in Rioja is bright yellow with hints of gold and an explosive apricot nose. With notes of grapefruit, soft pear, honeysuckle and almond, it goes nicely with fish, or a vegan cashew stir-fry - a perfect match with the almond. 

Les Arbousiers Trio (Vin De France, 11.5% ABV)

This zesty sauvignon is named ‘Trio’ because it brings together equal portions of the three essential grapes of the south west region of France. A perfect summer white, it goes nicely with grilled fish or a crisp halloumi salad.

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