Hack your way to 10K Virgin Points this weekend with Virgin Red’s rewards club

Earn Virgin Points
Anna Brech
by Anna Brech
20 May 2021

Weekdays are for earning and weekends are for fun – but what if you roll both into one? As a member of Virgin Red, Virgin’s sparkling new rewards club, you can earn points and have fun by doing the things you love on weekends, weekdays or anytime you like. 

That means you’re building up a wallet of Virgin Points as you go; simply by playing a quiz or a game, or buying yourself a treat. The beauty of this setup is that it’s a win-win for everyone. You earn reward points by having a ball, which you can then spend on more Virgin Red rewards (don’t say we don’t treat you). 

It’s so easy to top up your Virgin Points pot, in fact, that you can easily hack your way to 10,000 Virgin Points or more in the space of one weekend. We’re talking a bit of downtime on a lazy Sunday afternoon when you have 10 minutes to spare for games, quizzes or a few treat buys – all of which can get those points flowing in.

In turn, 10,000 Virgin Points is your key pass to all kinds of fabulous Virgin Red rewards, from Amsterdam flights to language courses, a helicopter flight for one or a traditional afternoon tea for two.

“How do we reach this land of wonders?”, we hear you cry. Well, hop onboard with us here as we show you instant and easy ways of earning points – at a click of a button or the swipe of your thumb.

Play a game of This or That


Every week, Virgin Red runs a game of This or That. Simply pick an option (a mere swipe of the thumb) to play, and you’ll be in with the chance of entering a prize draw alongside nine other lucky Virgin Red members. The fortune up for grabs? Only a whopping 5,000 Virgin Points – a proper little windfall for your Virgin Red points account.

Earn Virgin Points on a winter mixed wines deal


Any club that gives you points rewards for buying booze is a win in our book. This is especially true when the tipple involves award-winning bottles from our pals at Virgin Wines. If you’re looking to top up your wine supply ahead of the first burst of spring partying with loved ones (finally), you might want to invest in Virgin Wines’ winter mixed wines deal and earn yourself 1,000 points in the process via Virgin Red. Chin-chin. 

Test your quiz skills

If you’re the kind of person who smashes it at the pub quiz, this could be the moment to step up your game. Each week, Virgin Red hosts a game of Let’s get Quizzical, putting your knowledge to the test with different trivia topics related to Virgin companies from around the world. 40 lucky members who complete the game will win 3,000 Virgin Points, which will send you on a fast track to a bonanza of rewards. 

Plan your Paris escape


Mais oui. As the world opens up again and international travel returns later this year, Paris may well beckon you in. Good news for anyone who loves wine, cheese and patisserie as much as we do. And particularly good news if you’re a Virgin Red member who’s booking now to travel later, since you can earn up to 4,800 points by booking return flights with Air France. Oh là là that sounds good. 

Get matching with Red Recall

Feeling sharp? Then hustle up for Virgin Red’s weekly game of Red Recall, where members can attempt to match Virgin Red icons in six moves or less. Just from this fun little play, you’re in with a chance of pooling with 30 lucky Virgin Red players who win 1,000 Virgin Points. Hurrah for quick wins. 

So there you have it. All the super-easy ways you can hack your way to a golden pot of 10,000 Virgin Points or more this weekend – just by turning up, playing a few games and buying flights or a case of wine here and there. 

Your trove of Virgin Points awaits, all you have to do is browse to earn ‘em on the Virgin Red web or app. Ready, set – let the good times roll.