From coast to coast: earn and spend Virgin Points with Virgin Experience Gifts

An image of a group of people enjoying the sunset in New York
by Limara Salt
6 March 2024

How do you choose an experience in a country with 50 states and endless things to do? When you’re a member of Virgin Red US you can earn and spend points in lots of ways from coast to coast, skyscrapers to living rooms.  

Wherever you are, there are some amazing experiences to book with Virgin Experience Gifts. There’s something for everyone!

Take it to the Edge 

Virgin Experience Gifts is all about gifting life’s bucket list goals and unforgettable moments, and what’s more unforgettable than the most exciting external building climb in the world? Edge NYC is the highest outdoor sky deck in the Western Hemisphere, and you can earn two Virgin Points per $1 when you book your 45-degree, angled staircase climb via Virgin Red US.  

Even Richard Branson had a go when he was in town and described his experience: 

“I’ve always loved the thrill of an adventure and heights don’t faze me – a few trips around the world in a hot air balloon probably helped with that. But what an incredible rush. I have never experienced New York like this – suspended in mid-air, 1,200 feet above the ground.” 

However if you prefer to stay inside the glass tower, you can also nab an anytime visit to the observation deck for two people, giving you unparalleled views of Manhattan and beyond.  

Extra special date nights 

If you’re all out of ideas for your next date night, don’t despair, because if you’re in San Francisco, Los Angeles, or Austin, there are fun options guaranteed to impress.  

If you’re based in the south, east coast, the fun city of Austin has no shortage of fabulous date nights. How about tasting the delights of the Texan capital with a secret food tour for two or a hill country BBQ wine experience? All you need is 30,000 Virgin Points.  

For those who prefer a bit of California dreaming, Virgin Experience Gifts has in most cities on the west coast. There’s more to Los Angeles than Hollywood, and for 30,000 Virgin Points you can book food tours, whale watching or indoor skydiving. Meanwhile San Francisco has tours of the Muir Woods and the Golden Gate Park, as well as hikes through the Castro district and Lombard Street. 

Or stay in 

Experiences don’t have to mean being out and about, and Virgin Experience Gifts has fun options should you prefer to stay in.  

Give yourself the gift of gourmet with a Blue Apron Meal Delivery certificate for 19,500 Virgin Points. Available throughout the US, Blue Apron send weekly deliveries of ingredients and recipes straight to your door with step-by-step cooking instructions, and fresh, perfectly portioned ingredients for couples (two portions) or families (four portions). 

Alternatively you can tackle four different online escape rooms with up to seven friends, working against the clock to spot all the clues and get out in time. Play from multiple devices and locations – all for 9,500 Virgin Points

And finally, send a gift card 

If any of that sounds like something a loved one would like, you can use your Virgin Points to give a gift card worth $50, $100, $150 and $200. Hundreds of experiences are available with these vouchers so your loved one is bound to find something perfect for them.  

Discover more ways to earn spend with Virgin Red US and become a member for free. 

P.S. We always do our best to include the most up-to-date information but Virgin Red offers do change from time to time. Click on each offer for the current points rate and all the details.