Alison Hammond appointed Chief Points Inspector by Virgin Trains Ticketing

Image of Alison Hammond outside Paddington Station
Virgin Trains Ticketing
by Limara Salt
15 June 2023

Alison Hammond brought smiles and sequins to London’s Paddington station today, inspecting commuters’ tickets as ‘Chief Points Inspector’ for Virgin Trains Ticketing.

Image of Alison Hammond holding Virgin Points codes ready to give out at Paddington Station.
Virgin Trains Ticketing

According to Virgin Trains Ticketing, one in four (26%) people who use trains frequently feel nervous when they spot a ticket inspector entering their carriage or manning the station ticket barriers.  

Of the 500 commuters who took part in the study, more than a quarter (27%) admitted their heart rate increases when an inspector walks towards them with women (26%) slightly more likely to feel nervous than men (25%). 

To take the fear away, Virgin Trains Ticketing appointed the smiliest face in television, Alison Hammond, to be its official Chief Points Inspector – getting commuters to show their ticket and download the Virgin Trains Ticketing app in exchange for Virgin Points.

Alison Hammond said: “I’ve had an absolute blast giving away Virgin Points which can be used for everything from money off train tickets to VIP concert tickets, flights to New York, holidays, wine and even the humble sausage roll. As a regular commuter to and from Birmingham, I am a massive fan of getting the train and it amazes me how many people don’t know that train travel can be rewarding with Virgin Trains Ticketing.  

“We all know too well that feeling you get when a ticket inspector approaches or you reach the platform barrier – but travelling shouldn’t be seen as a daunting experience – especially when you can buy and store your ticket on your phone in just a few minutes. And, knowing you can get a treat or money off a future ticket just for travelling should make our travels just that little bit more exciting.” 

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Virgin Trains Ticketing is a more rewarding way to book train travel, giving customers the opportunity to earn three Virgin Points per £1 spent. And coming soon those Virgin Points can be used to save money on future train travel.  Plus, points can be spent on hundreds of rewards with Virgin Red, from a morning coffee, case of wine, or cinema ticket to a flight abroad, the possibilities are endless to redeem Virgin Points with Virgin Red.