10 feel-good perks all UK Virgin Red members can access

Caribbean holiday
Anna Brech
by Anna Brech
19 August 2022

How you spend your days is how you spend your life – so rather than having your nose to the grind 24/7, Virgin Red is here to bring a bit of lightness to your everyday routine.

As a member of Virgin Red, you’ll have frontline access to all these feel-good rewards, and lots more, to spend with your Virgin Points. And – hold the front page – these points never expire, either: you can spend them whenever you want. Plus, you can earn points just by having fun, whether that’s shopping at lululemon, or booking a Virgin Atlantic flight to Florida

So, Virgin Red pals: it’s time to sit back and relax. Throw your laptop to the wind and prepare to savour the sweet life with these sensational club member rewards. 

Flights to St. Vincent and the Grenadines 

Breezy beach hammocks. Cocktail sunsets. A sea life so beautiful you’ll be in awe of the fishes all day long. A trip to St. Vincent and the Grenadines – a tiny chain of sunshine islands bang in the middle of the Caribbean – is like a cronut on a cold Monday morning. As a Virgin Red member, you can bag return Virgin Atlantic reward flights here for 20,000+ points. Happy times ahead...

Cream cakes and cocktails for two

Located in the heart of Covent Garden, Mr Fogg’s Gin Parlour is filled with trinkets and trivia from a Victorian past. And the gin-fuelled cocktails and cream cakes selection is an adventure all to itself. Spirit yourself away to this whimsical wonderland, guest in tow, as part of Virgin Experience Days’ Indigo Collection with a voucher from Virgin Red for 13,000 points

A secret seaside escape for two

If you want a truly secluded mini-break, look no further than The Lugger in Cornwall. This gem of a seaside retreat is tucked away in the fishing village of Portloe, far from the tourist trail and with spectacular views over the Roseland Peninsula. The pirate-y history is very much alive in this one-time smuggler’s inn, and the whole place is bursting with atmosphere – think roaring log fires and charming ocean rooms. 

The award-winning cuisine is pretty phenomenal, too: the chefs put a lot of flair into local dishes, with freshly-caught seafood from the boats you’ll see right outside your bedroom window. A one-night stay here as part of Virgin Experience Days’ Chrome collection is yours for 45,000 points with a Virgin Red Chrome voucher

A thrilling blast experience

From seaside chill to supercar thrill, Virgin Red motorheads will pounce on this chance to get into top gear with a Mustang Blast experience (6,000 points). Having appeared in countless classic films, this legendary vehicle brings a touch of Hollywood to a race track near you, so buckle up and hold tight.

A luxury three-night stay at Kasbah Tamadot

Nestled in the remote landscape of Morocco’s Atlas Mountains is Kasbah Tamadot; Sir Richard Branson’s luxury retreat and one of finest hotels in North Africa. This oasis of greenery is the perfect spot to unwind for a few days, with warm Moroccan hospitality and stunning architecture everywhere you go.

For 240,000+ points, you and a friend can spend three glorious nights surrounded by alpine scenery, with the sensory delights of Marrakech in easy reach. Hiking, cooking classes or spa treatments: you’ll be spoilt for choice on what to do first.

A pampering Turkish Delight spa experience

The 5* Bentley London is a decadent kind of place – and that feeling is never more evident than in the hotel’s luxury Le Kalon Spa. A grand marble interior features ornate painted walls and fountains, but it’s the treatments that really stand out here.

You can gain entry to this paradise via Virgin Experience Days’ Azure collection with a Virgin Red Azure voucher for 21,500 points. The reward includes an opulent Turkish hammam ritual with ancient cleansing techniques, as well as a rose facial treatment. 

Free flights to New York via a 5* safari stay 

By far and away the best thing about being a Virgin Red member is that you earn points simply by doing the things you adore anyway: for example, luxury travel. Say, you decide to treat yourself to a holiday at Ulusaba Private Game Reserve, a Virgin Limited Edition hotel located deep in the South African bush. 

Each night you kick back here, with the big 5 on your doorstep, you’ll earn 7,000 points. This means that, within three days, you’ll have clocked up 21,000 points: enough for a holiday of an entirely different kind with Virgin Atlantic reward flights to New York. From wildlife heights to bright lights, it’s the gift that keeps on giving. 

A masterclass with The Vegetarian Society

Discover the art of vegetarian cuisine The Vegetarian Society Cookery School.

With experienced tutors at hand, you’ll be learning how to make the most out of plant-based foods to create exciting and dynamic dishes. Choose from Learn How To Make Seitan, Learn How To Make Vegan Cheese, An Introduction to Tofu or Vegan Street Food.

You’ll use ethically-sourced, delicious ingredients to create meals that you can replicate in your own kitchen. 13,000 points with a Virgin Red Indigo voucher from Virgin Experience Days’ Indigo Collection.

England’s fastest zip-wire experience and 360 swing

How’s your head for heights? You’ll soon find out in this thrill-a-second outing from Zip World. Kitted out with all the necessary gear, your adventure begins with the 'Little Zip' wire. This shorter zip wire provides you with a taste of what's to come. Transported in style in red army trucks up the mountain, you'll wait in an undercover area, before the unforgettable ride on the main Velocity 2 line begins.

Once strapped in, you’ll be sent on the world’s fastest and the UK’s longest zip line, flying across the quarry lake to the bottom. Reaching speeds of up to and above 100mph, soak up breath-taking views of Penrhyn quarry and North Wales. 

Yours (if you dare) for 17,500 points with a Virgin Red Scarlet voucher for Virgin Experience Days’ Scarlet Collection.


VIP tickets to Roxy Music at Manchester AO Arena

Well, who doesn’t love a bit of Roxy Music? If you fancy rolling it back to the '70s and having More Than This, don’t miss this smasher of a live concert at Manchester’s AO Arena. Tickets via Virgin Red for 65,000 points will give you access to the coveted Virgin Red Room, complete with VIP access, private waiter service and the best seats in the house. Rock on. 

Want more fun rewards in your life? Find out more about Virgin Red, the reward club for Virgin, and become a member for free.