10 creative things to do with your kids this summer, all using Virgin Points

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Anna Brech
by Anna Brech
22 June 2021

With foreign holidays hanging in the balance this summer, mums and dads will need to think creatively to keep the fun times rolling. Luckily, Virgin Red – the new rewards club from Virgin – has a stack of ideas to help ease the way.

Whether you’re looking for a fun learning experience for your little ones, or something more action-orientated for older kids, we’ve got experiences to match. From outdoor adventures to inspiring workshops, our activities are designed with the whole family in mind. Better still, members can spend points on quality days out together AND earn points from popular children’s brands such as LEGO and Disney UK en-route. 

So, Virgin Red parents: relax, put your feet up, have a glass of wine. These are the rewards that will keep everyone happy, from your toddlers to your teens. Dive in for an at-home summer with excitement all round. 

Blast off on an astronaut experience 


Space Store in Didcot will bring the planets to life for your little ones – and Virgin Red is your ticket in. Nab passes for two for 18,000 points, and buckle up on a rip-roaring adventure to the stars. Immersive AR tech will let your child walk in the footsteps of history (and take a giant leap into the future, too), with solar system wonders at every turn. They’ll also get to don a space suit, learn all about space life and even eat like an astronaut. Expect jaws on floors throughout. 

Learn coding skills with LEGO

Coding is not just about firing up a new generation of digital whizz kids: it’s also a great way of teaching children broader life skills such as problem-solving and precision. LEGO has just the tools for the job, with a range of coding toys including the Robot Inventor and the Coding Express. Unlock a brave new world of possibilities and earn Virgin Points in the process. Hurrah!

Reconnect with nature via the National Trust


You don’t need us to tell you that nature nurtures children. There’s nothing like the Great Outdoors to get your kid off that Xbox and appreciating the world IRL. With Virgin Red, you can earn points every time you invest in a membership with the National Trust, with junior options available to inspire nature fans in the making. Snail races, stargazing, making a bug friend: the National Trust has so many ideas to keep kids happy – all in glorious greenery. You can explore some magical castles together, too: cue, battlements, ghosts and royal skullduggery.

Create a magical world with Disney

Dust off that dressing up box with Disney UK: aka the masters of make-believe. Disney’s online shop has a dazzling range of character costumes to choose from, spanning Marvel, Moana, Frozen and more.  This is *the* place to be if you want fancy dress with all the bells and whistles on. The bonus? You can earn Virgin Points every time you buy

Tap that crafty side on a children’s art class


Help your child get expressive with Virgin Red’s interactive art class – yours without leaving the house. For 2,900 points, your family can get hands-on with an online children’s introductory art class, guided by the specialists at Art-K. Paint brushes at the ready: fun town lies ahead. 

Think big with a donation to Guide Dogs 

It’s never too early for your kids to learn about the power of positive change, and Virgin Red’s Points for Goods programme is a great way to start the conversation. Virgin Red members can donate their points to a host of great causes, including Guide Dogs UK.

Teach your little ones all about the amazing work this charity does with dogs to support blind and partially sighted people. Your 1,000 points will be converted into a cash donation to make a direct impact, e.g. by providing a toy for pups in training. 

Rev your engines for junior quad biking 


For older kids, including tweens and teens, this thrilling quad bike session from Virgin Experience Days’ Scarlet Collection is a great shout; available via a voucher for 17,500 points from Virgin Red. Get those revs powered up on a challenging outdoor track, with support from an instructor to show you all the pro tricks. Exhilarating to the core, it’s one that’ll definitely get those lazy heads out of bed. 

Spread the love with a family photo session

Time fast-forwards when you’re a parent – blink and your baby is suddenly grown-up and leaving home. Capture the beauty of your brood just as they are with a family photo experience. Spend 8,750 points on a voucher for Virgin Experience Days’ Amber Collection, then gather your lot together for a fun family shoot. Bring props or costume changes; however you want to play it, this is your opportunity to freeze the clock and form memories that last a lifetime.  

Get splattered on a paintballing day out


It’s easy to get cabin fever when you and the kids are stuck at home, especially after a year of lockdowns. Paintballing is ideal for blowing off the cobwebs, allowing everyone a chance to let loose and unleash pent-up energy in the Great Outdoors. Run, dodge and take aim to your heart’s content with a paintballing day out for four people with Virgin Red – a snip at 7,750 points.

Learn all about fashion design

Does your child live and breathe all things clothes? Virgin Red’s online fashion design course is a must. Designed especially for kids, it will open up an Aladdin’s cave of inspiration, from scrunchie-making to bag creating and beyond. The package, for 13,000 points, includes a free ready-to-print PDF workbook and colouring book.