Everyone's better off with Virgin Money


Virgin Money has been active in financial services since 2006, with the launch of the Virgin Money Credit Card. Having recently entered the cashless payments space with a blockchain backed payment platform called Virgin Money Spot, we have seen rapid uptake of the app. Why blockchain? It’s faster, more secure and keeps costs low.

Virgin Money Spot has made sending money between friends and family easier than ever. It’s the simplest and cheapest way to send money (no exchanging EFT details, no unnecessary ATM withdrawals). It’s all about making payments social.

Operating more like a FinTech than a traditional Financial Services Provider, by making money work for our customers, we’ve seen substantial growth in our customer base.

Virgin Money South Africa has the ambition to grow its financial services portfolio and to position itself as a differentiated, innovative and trusted financial services provider. The longer-term strategy is to offer South Africans smart financial solutions on their terms.