Virgin telco has arrived

Virgin telco Spanish campaign
Image from Virgin telco
James Massoud
by James Massoud
19 May 2020

Virgin telco has launched in Spain, offering a new premium telecommunications service. Customers can fully personalise their services, which not only does away with traditionally closed packages, but also saves on unnecessary costs and ensures the best final price for every customer. 

Unnecessary bundling often increases the cost of services. For example, 25 per cent of people never actually use their landline and yet still have to pay a compulsory €20 for it. Virgin telco breaks the mould by making this optional and, if it is included, only charging €6 per month, which offers unlimited calls to landlines and 100 minutes to mobiles. 

Virgin telco has created a list of top-quality and competitive products, where each and every service has been made optional. These range from high-speed internet to mobile contracts with ample data and a robust television service, which will soon include a deal with Netflix.

As part of Euskaltel – the Spanish telecommunications provider with a presence in the Basque Country, Galicia and Asturias – Virgin telco will help reach the 85% of the remaining Spanish market with tailor-made services available to 18.4 million homes.  

Image from Virgin telco
Image from Virgin telco

Euskaltel CEO José Miguel García explained: “We will transform communications to be better, more honest and more accessible to everyone. In this market, there is still a lack of affordable convergent services. Virgin telco responds by breaking the status quo of traditional closed packages, which do not add value and which inflate the final cost. 

“We propose a different way of consuming premium telecommunication products, it adapts to the needs of all ages and to the new digital households. Customers now can choose simply just what they really want: it's a reality and it starts now with Virgin telco.”

Virgin telco offers highly competitive prices for each product with mobile services starting from as little as €6/month and premium digital TV services with 4K set-top box for €8/month. 

Virgin telco’s senior customers who choose not to have the internet at home will not pay any connection charges either as they will be offered a landline for €12/month, which includes all calls to landlines and mobiles. There is also a mobile service with unlimited calls and 2GB data for “whatsapping” for just €7/month. 

For more detailed information on products and pricing, visit Virgin telco online.