Virgin Media O2 introduces new diversity, equity and inclusion strategy

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Virgin Media O2
Natalie Clarkson
by Natalie Clarkson
13 April 2022

Virgin Media O2 has introduced a new diversity, equity and inclusion strategy, called All In, which introduces a series of bold ambitions to help the business better represent the diverse communities it serves.

The new strategy also includes measures to show great support and allyship to people from marginalised communities, with Virgin Media O2 providing support for transgender and non-binary employees, as well as funding life-changing programmes for young people from minoritised ethnic groups.

Virgin Media O2
Virgin Media O2

At the heart of All In are four ambitions that Virgin Media O2 wants to achieve by 2027:

  • Equal representation of women and men in the company’s wider leadership team

  • To have driven forward progress for gender parity, including all gender identities and expressions across the organisation

  • 15% of Virgin Media O2’s wider leadership team to be from minoritised ethnic groups

  • 25% of Virgin Media O2’s wider organisation to be from minoritised ethnic groups

These ambitions are directed at the company’s wider leadership level – around 1,000 employees. The aim is to drive accountability and enact change at the very top of the organisation.

Virgin Media O2 will also set goals for teams across the business, which will be measured and reviewed regularly to make sure it is on track to achieve the 2027 commitments.

“Virgin Media O2’s purpose is to upgrade the UK; that’s not just through our leading products and services, it’s also by the type of company we want to be and the role we play in society, Philipp Wohland, chief people officer at Virgin Media O2, said. “With our All In strategy, we’re taking a step-change in our approach to creating a more inclusive and equitable company – both for our employees and customers, where we truly represent the diverse communities we serve.

“Virgin Media O2 is a great place to work and we’re committed to creating a culture where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.”

(L-R) Marc Nicoue and Leanna Edwards - co-chairs of Virgin Media O2’s Enrich employee network, and Duro Oye, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at 20/20 Change
Virgin Media O2

Achieving the ambitions

Virgin Media is introducing a number of more equitable policies to ensure it is offering the right support and flexibility for all employees. The company wants to help people be their best both at work and in their personal lives.

One way Virgin Media is committed to doing this is by funding gender transition treatment for its transgender and non-binary employees. Virgin Media O2 will help them access medical care, support and advice, and is working on a complete support package. 

Virgin Media O2 will also continue to work with its employee networks that represent the LGBTQ+ community, gender, disabled people, people who are neurodivergent, unpaid carers, and underrepresented ethnic groups, to help meet the needs of its people and ensure they feel valued.

Virgin Media O2
Virgin Media O2

Virgin Media O2 is committed to creating a culture and environment where people are encouraged to be consciously inclusive, and are empowered to challenge decisions and speak up if they think the company is heading in the wrong direction. 

Virgin Media O2 wants to create a positive and lasting impact on the diverse communities it serves by supporting a range of charities and community groups to help people live better lives. This includes partnering with youth empowerment organisation, 20/20 Change, to fund free life-changing mentoring courses to help young people from underrepresented ethnic groups to unlock and fulfil their potential.

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