Red Spirit: Be inspired by Virgin Atlantic's incredible people

An image of cabin crew member Faye on a Virgin Atlantic plane
Virgin Atlantic
Natalie Clarkson
by Natalie Clarkson
31 July 2023

Virgin Atlantic’s people are what sets it apart as an airline. Every day they go above and beyond for their customers, creating an experience like no other.  

Meet some of the team featured in Virgin Atlantic’s Red Spirit video… 

Justin – Master Cabin Crew trainer and VALUED network member 

Justin spends his working life making sure that every single Cabin Crew member provides outstanding customer service. He’s passionate about making every single customer feel special. 

He’s also a member of the VALUED network (an acronym that stands for Virgin Atlantic Loves Unity and Ethnic Diversity). “What is really core to the Valued Network is that we recognise and celebrate people of all different cultures and religions, and it doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from,” Justin says. “At Virgin Atlantic we are a family. We welcome you. You are included and we want to know more about your background.” 

Imran – Cabin Crew and 999 call handler 

Imran works as Cabin Crew for Virgin Atlantic. But when he’s not flying high, offering an incredible experience for every customer, he’s working as a 999 call handler for the ambulance service. 

“I absolutely love the fact that you can help people, even though you’re not face to face,” he said. “I did this in the pandemic to help out and I took a liking to it. It was really hard but also it was really rewarding as well.” 

Faye – Cabin Crew and passionate philanthropist 

Faye joined Virgin Atlantic 18 years ago as Cabin Crew. In that time, her job has taken her around the world, and enabled her to experience some incredible things. But whenever she was in different destinations around the world, she always wanted to give something back. 

She started off fundraising for different projects that she had visited and then ended up launching her own charity in 2013. “Spread Some Sunshine is all about bringing some joy to children who are facing all sorts of adversity,” she says. “It started off with some orphanages that I used to visit, I would take birthday presents to the children because lots of the children didn’t know when their birthday was.” 

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