Meet the Virgin Media workers keeping people connected: Lewis

Lewis stands by a castle moat.
Image from Lewis Meehan
Natalie Clarkson
by Natalie Clarkson
7 May 2020

Virgin Media Business has been working hard to keep customers connected during the coronavirus pandemic. Lewis Meehan is one of the senior engineers working hard to find solutions for customers with complex problems – even helping emergency services to work remotely during the lockdown.

Lewis joined Virgin Media Business as part of the graduate scheme four and a half years ago. Normally he spends his time at customers’ sites, performing installations or configuring set-ups for customers. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, he has had to work more remotely, supporting customers from his home in Newport.

But the coronavirus hasn’t changed his role too much. Lewis said: “I’ve always had an element of remote working in my job. However, it has become especially hard to proceed with any parts of the project which involve physical implementation. These are now being postponed unless they’re critical.”

Some of the customers Lewis works with certainly provide critical services. Over the last two years, he has been working on an IT migration project for a major police force. Thanks to the new technologies that he and his team recently installed in their data centre, early on in the outbreak, they were able to hugely increase capacity for new direct access to their data centre. This means that in just a few hours, they were able to set more staff up with the ability to work from home via VPN.

Lewis says that he’s proud of the work that his team has managed to do during the lockdown. “Especially as I work with our blue light customers – we’ve had a direct impact on their business outcomes.”

And the feedback that Lewis has had from customers has been positive. “They’re very grateful to have me and the other engineers aligned to them to provide support from a familiar set of faces during these tough times.”

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