Meet the Virgin Media workers keeping people connected: Nick

Photo of Nick Kirwin in Blue Virgin Meda gilet with trees in the background.
Image from Nick Kirwin
Natalie Clarkson
by Natalie Clarkson
21 May 2020

The internet has played an even more important role in everyday life since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and Virgin Media Business has been working hard to keep people connected.

Nick Kirwin works at Virgin Media Business and is one of the people who has been helping businesses to keep running. He’s especially been helping small businesses who weren’t previously set up for remote working.

“My workload has tripled because of COVID-19,” Nick said. “I’ve been trained up in other departments and covering the phone lines for faults, tech support, customer care and acquisition, in addition to my normal work in existing accounts sales. It’s been a whirlwind, but this is our time to shine.”

Nick has had some great feedback from customers. He recently took a call from Vicky, a physiotherapist and pilates instructor, who was trying to work remotely as she could no longer visit clients. Vicky was trying to use video conference software but her connection wasn’t up to the job. Nick upgraded her services and gave her advice on using video conference software. 

“She said I was her ‘rock in time of crisis’. It was a simple step for me, but it meant she could continue her important work,” Nick said.

“People are relying on us more than ever now, so we’ve had to seriously roll our sleeves up and power through,” he added. “People need the internet and their phones to stay connected and keep businesses running, so it’s an honour helping to keep the cogs moving for the UK. What makes it worthwhile is the feedback from our customers. They’re so understanding of the times and I feel, somehow, it’s made us all even more humble as humans.”

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