Virgin Red doubles donations for Dyslexia Awareness Month

Image of a young boy working through a workbook at a table with other young children also writing.
Made By Dyslexia
by Limara Salt
2 October 2023

To mark Dyslexia Awareness Month Virgin Red will be doubling the first 200 donations to Made By Dyslexia throughout October.  

Made By Dyslexia’s mission is to help the world learn about dyslexia and understand the power of Dyslexic Thinking, and for just 1,000 Virgin Points Virgin Red members can support the charity’s vital work to train every teacher and help every workplace to spot, support and empower dyslexic minds.

Image of a young boy working through a workbook at a table with other young children also writing.

Use your points for good

Virgin has partnered with Made By Dyslexia since the charity was founded six years ago. Last year, Richard Branson announced a collaboration with Made By Dyslexia and LinkedIn which saw Dyslexic Thinking become an official skill on LinkedIn, the world’s biggest professional networking platform. Now, Made By Dyslexia, LinkedIn and Virgin are calling on companies to take the Dyslexic Thinking workplace training later this year. The training will be free to access all over the world via LinkedIn Learning.

Through positivity and empowerment, Made By Dyslexia is redefining dyslexia across the world. Donations support the charity in its mission to drive understanding of dyslexia across the globe and continue to work with schools, workplaces and governments to show the importance of embracing dyslexia, its strengths and its thinking.  

In just six short years Made By Dyslexia has had an incredible impact. As well the Dyslexic Thinking campaign which saw over 20,000 people from all over the world add ‘Dyslexic Thinking’ as a skill on their LinkedIn business profile, their free online training course has helped thousands of teachers to Learn Dyslexia and empower Dyslexic Thinkers in every classroom, with New York City training 100,000 public school teachers in 2022. And this year they’re continuing to make tangible changes in schools and the workplace.  

“This is why we work with Made By Dyslexia to help dyslexics – or gamechangers, as I think of us – to embrace their skills,” Richard Branson said. “We also want to support the education system and help employers to understand the potential of dyslexic thinking, and learn how to harness it in order to move their businesses forward.” 

Kate Griggs from Made By Dyslexia and Richard Branson
Made By Dyslexia

Made By Dyslexia founder Kate Griggs also highlights the amazing impact the organisation has had on children. “My favourite moments are when we hear from parents who we’ve helped realise just how brilliant their dyslexic kiddos are. They feel so empowered and impassioned to create change that they take our free training and resources into their schools and ask all teachers to train.” 

The Lessons In Dyslexic Thinking podcast was launched to share those stories and recording the episodes has been a highlight for Kate. “Every week I speak to some of the world’s most inspiring and fascinating Dyslexic Thinkers, from space scientist to explorers, sports stars to entrepreneurs, they all share how their dyslexia has been the reason for their success,” she explains. “The series launched with a brilliant interview with Richard Branson which we filmed in the wonderful Virgin Hotels, and we were so proud to see it go straight into Apple Podcasts’ most popular shows.” 

Contribute to this vital work with a donation of 1,000 Virgin Points to Made By Dyslexia this October and Virgin Red will double it. Not a member of Virgin Red yet? Sign up now.  

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