Virgin Voyages reveals wearable technology for Sailors

The wearable technology that every Virgin Voyages Sailor will receive to open their Cabin and use for payments on the ship
Natalie Clarkson
by Natalie Clarkson
6 February 2020

Virgin Voyages has revealed smart wearable technology, which will unlock adventures for Sailors onboard their ships.

The Band, which has been created through a partnership with BIONIC Yarn, is made from recycled ocean plastic. It is lightweight, relaxed and nautically inspired – and Sailors can take it home as a post-voyage keepsake.

“Just like our stunning fleet of Lady Ships, and through our partnership with BIONIC, our wearable technology marries sustainability with smarts and style, which is quintessentially Virgin,” said Tom McAlpin, CEO of Virgin Voyages. “The Band will be our seamless and worry-free way for Sailors to not only unlock their cabin with ease, but to explore all of the thrills and great experiences that Scarlet Lady and the rest of our fleet will have to offer.” 

A render of Virgin Voyages' ship Scarlet Lady
Image from Virgin Voyages

Sailors will receive The Band in the mail before they embark on their own adventure. Activated with just the tap of the wrist, The Band is a hands, wallet and worry-free way for Sailors to do a number of things onboard. The Band will act as a room key and unlock their cabins, it will also make it easy for Sailors to board the ship. Sailors will also use The Band to make onboard purchases and pay for their drinks tab. It also enables them to game at the casino and is a VIP pass for Suite Sailors to enter Richard’s Rooftop. Most importantly though, it gives Virgin Voyages’ the exact location of a Sailor when they Shake for Champagne.

Virgin Voyages worked with BIONIC Yarn to continue its commitment to create ‘epic sea change for all’. The rope material for The Band is built entirely from BIONIC Yarn and contains six grams of marine and coastal plastic, equivalent to half a plastic bottle that washes ashore.

Virgin Voyages and BIONIC have committed to further sustainability initiatives, including additional ocean clean-ups and a commitment to recovering at least two pounds of plastic for every new Sailor joining Virgin Voyages in 2020.

“Bionic’s partners have always had a deep respect for Virgin and its rich history of industry innovation,” said Tim Coombs, Co-Founder of BIONIC. “Naturally we’re thrilled to be part of the Virgin Voyages experience and share our mission with its ocean loving passengers.”

The Band is just one of many sustainability initiatives onboard Virgin Voyages. Through a commitment to provide Sailors with both a luxurious and green experience, Virgin Voyages is banning all single-use plastic materials, using smart design to minimise electricity usage, reducing food waste and so much more.  

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