Virgin Red reveals Brits are seeking deals more than ever

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Virgin Red
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by Katie Fiddaman
17 May 2023

Eight in 10 Brits admit that finding a bargain has become the most important factor when making a purchase, new research reveals. In fact, two thirds (66%) of shoppers are more likely to buy something if they can earn points on it with a rewards club like Virgin Red.

In a report commissioned by Virgin Red, it was revealed that more than three quarters (79%) of people consider themselves to be a “bargain hunter” and when searching for deals, over one third (35%)  spend more than 30 minutes looking for a good deal, while more than one tenth (11%) spend an hour or more searching for the best deals every day.

Customers want more for their money and need something extra for their everyday spend. More than half (53%) of shoppers have three rewards cards, but only a small proportion (20%) actually take maximum advantage of their points.

Virgin Red helps members’ money go further by turning what they already do into Virgin Points – whether it’s a Tuesday takeaway, the weekly shop, a new outfit, or even a family trip abroad.  

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The real fun bit? Spending Virgin Points however you want – there’s something for everyone across the Virgin Family and beyond. Like flights, gigs, gifts, going out, going out out, spa days or nights away. As little as 200 Virgin Points could have you smiling all the way to rewards with a little pick-me-up on less-than-great days, to treating someone (or yourself) to a spa day.

Virgin Experience Days
Virgin Experience Days

Andrea Burchett, Managing Director Commercial, Loyalty for Virgin Red said: “There aren't many better feelings than landing yourself a brilliant deal.  It can be difficult to keep track of all the various reward or loyalty schemes available.  But the seriously savvy bargain hunters will be on top of this, and our results show shoppers would be more inclined to buy things if they knew they could earn points for their purchases.  There’s no bad time to start being more wary of your spending habits, but the middle of a cost-of-living crisis is definitely a good time to get into it.”

Virgin Red helps its members easily earn Virgin Points on the spending they’re doing anyway and allows them to spend the points on a whole host of rewards. You do you, and Virgin Red will reward you for it.