Virgin Red members can use Virgin Points for good with Made By Dyslexia

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Made By Dyslexia
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by Katie Fiddaman
25 April 2023

Made By Dyslexia is the latest charity to be added to the growing list of 15 charities Virgin Red members can donate Virgin Points to. This is part of Virgin Red’s ‘Good Causes’ category, allowing members to donate Virgin Points to a cause that resonates with them.

From just 1,000 Virgin Points, members can help fund Made By Dyslexia’s world-changing work to train every teacher and help every workplace to spot, support and empower every dyslexic mind.

The donations will go towards driving the understanding of dyslexia across the globe and the continuing work with schools, workplaces and governments, to show the importance of embracing dyslexia, its strengths, and its thinking.

Donate Virgin Points to Made By Dyslexia

Andrew Swaffield, Chief Commercial Officer, Virgin Group & CEO Virgin Red said: “Since we opened the doors to Virgin Red, we have been committed to adding new ways for our members to support good causes using only Virgin Points.

"It’s fantastic to now be able to support Made by Dyslexia through our loyalty programme, in addition to the other wonderful ways that we’ve collaborated with the charity across the group over the past six years. Our brand was built by a dyslexic thinker, and we see the strengths of dyslexic thinking in full effect every day through our dyslexic people. Last year we partnered with Made By Dyslexia to coin the term Dyslexic Thinking and kickstart the positive Dyslexic Thinking movement.

"Now Virgin Red members can support Made by Dyslexia’s mission to help the world understand, value and support dyslexia by donating in app or on the website."

Made by Dyslexia and Virgin

Virgin has collaborated with Made By Dyslexia since the charity was founded six years ago, supporting it in its mission to Redefine Dyslexia.

Collaborations include last year’s Dyslexic Thinking Campaign, which saw Made By Dyslexia and Virgin join forces with LinkedIn to add Dyslexic Thinking as a vital skill for 774 million LinkedIn members to add to their profile. More than 10,000 people added the skill to their LinkedIn business profile within a week of launching the drop-down option, and the term “Dyslexic Thinking” was added to as an official term. Those with the Dyslexic Thinking skills be described as having “strengths in creative, problem-solving and communication skills”.

This was a crucial step in encouraging Dyslexic Thinking as a positive trait to be proud of. It can give individuals an edge at work through strong problem-solving skills, great imagination and creative, big-picture thinking.

The ultimate goal of Made By Dyslexia is to empower dyslexic minds and redefine dyslexia so that every teacher and employer can empower it.

In 2021, Made by Dyslexia’s Founder, Kate Griggs, released a book called This is Dyslexia. The central theme was around schools and businesses valuing the massive benefits that dyslexia can bring. It redefines what it means to be dyslexic in the 21st century. Kate delves into the challenges and opportunities she found on her personal journey with dyslexia and stresses the change she wants to make: every dyslexic is supported to reach their full potential.

Kate Griggs, Founder of Made By Dyslexia, said: “We have collaborated with Virgin and Richard Branson since the charity launched 6 years ago, and the Dyslexic Thinking campaign last year was a wonderful way to celebrate being five. We are so excited for phase two of the campaign.    "We are so excited for Made By Dyslexia to be added to Virgin Red's Charities. We are working at speed to train every school and workplace to empower Dyslexic Thinking, and all donations help us do more, quicker."

You can donate as little as 1,000 points of your Virgin Points today to help fund Made By Dyslexia’s world-changing work to train every teacher and help every workplace to spot, support and empower every dyslexic mind.

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