Virgin Red and Virgin Trains Ticketing double points to ease train pain

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by Katie Fiddaman
23 February 2022

With one in six* commuters seeing the biggest price increase in a decade, and rail fares up by 3.8%, Virgin Red has teamed up with Virgin Trains Ticketing to double the amount of Virgin Points earned per £1 spent.

The great return to the office is being greeted with a mixed reception as whilst it’s nice to get a change of scenery, and for some their only me-time (55%), the majority of commuters (85%) feel train ticket prices are getting “out of hand”.

With a 3.8% price hike on rail fares set to kick in from March, research shows over half (51%) of commuters claim they would actively search and choose a new job based on being able to work from home if it means they can ditch the weekday commute altogether.

To deal with this growing frustration, train-travel booking platform, Virgin Trains Ticketing, has announced that it will double the amount of points earned per £1 spent from three Virgin Points to six Virgin Points for Virgin Red members who book journeys over the next four weeks, to give commuters a rewarding reason to get back on the train.

“Many commuters will feel the instant impact of train ticket price hikes in March. To make this a little less painful and reward our members, Virgin Red is doubling the amount of points earned when booking through Virgin Trains Ticketing until 20 March, helping people boost their balance to unlock amazing rewards.” - Andrea Burchett, International and Strategic Development Director, at Virgin Red

What is Virgin Trains Ticketing?

Virgin Trains Ticketing is exclusive to Virgin Red members and allows you to book train tickets up and down the country. With Virgin Trains Ticketing, you can book any journey in Britain, from a cheeky commute to a sleeper train adventure. And when you book e-tickets, you'll pay absolutely no booking fee. The best bit is - you'll rack up points on every trip, so you'll get your hands on your next reward even faster! You'll usually receive your Virgin Points 56 days after your travel date or (if you decide not to travel) the final date on which your ticket is valid. Please check your ticket for the relevant validity period. 

By booking directly through Virgin Trains Ticketing, the potential earning of a daily commute from Brighton to London over the year will be 30,825 Virgin Points**. 

This could get you:

  • 102 Greggs sausage rolls.

  • 10 Scarlet Lady tote bags.

  • An upgrade to Upper Class*** on a Virgin Atlantic flight.

“78% of commuters have told us that a bonus goes a little way to relieve mounting pressure on wallets for travellers across the country - so join Virgin Red for free and benefit from the increased points per £1 spent on train bookings, to spend on hundreds of rewards from coffees and cinema tickets to flights and holidays.” - Andrea Burchett, International and Strategic Development Director, at Virgin Red

So, with Virgin Red and Virgin Trains Ticketing, it’s really not all bad, and you can get rewarded by getting back on that train. Earn six points per £1 when you book with Virgin Trains Ticketing until 20 March 2022.

Not a Virgin Red member? Sign up to Virgin Red and grab life by the rewards. 

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*16% (one in six) of UK commuters take the train to work according to research commissioned by One Poll on Thursday 3 February of 2,000 UK consumers. These commuters will be affected by rail price increases in March

**A return ticket from Brighton to London is £46 on Virgin Trains Ticketing, equating to 137 Virgin Points. Over a 45-working week year, the potential earning is 30,825 Virgin Points. 

***Taxes, fees and carrier-imposed surcharges are additional to the flight points price. Points quoted are based on a one-way Premium to Upper Class Upgrade to Tel Aviv. 

Research commission by One Poll on Thursday 3 February of 2,000 UK consumers.