Virgin Money and Strands team up to launch Money Management

A woman running her business from her laptop.
Luis Alvarez/Getty Images
Asher Harris
by Asher Harris
20 October 2020

Small businesses have been hit hard this year, with many struggling to stay open or being forced to close altogether.

In response to this, Virgin Money has teamed up with the leading fin-tech company, Strands, to launch Money Management, a free platform that enables small business owners to make more informed financial decisions.

Any business that makes less than £1m in annual revenue, and is a Virgin Money Business Current Account customer is eligible to use it. 

Money Management has a wide range of features to help business owners, including:

  • Cashflow Projection - Auto-generated cashflow forecasts so customers can stay on top of cash coming in and out of the business. 

  • Transaction Categorisation - Tracks business spending by filtering transactions by time period, client provider, or category. The data can then be automatically presented in graph form enabling easier analysis and reporting.

  • Budgeting - Graphs that automatically update with each transaction, so customers can keep track of their finances in real-time.  

  • 24-hour chat support - There for when customers need human assistance.


For more information visit the Virgin Money website.