Virgin Media O2 completes gigabit upgrade nationwide

Virgin Media
Virgin Media
Natalie Clarkson
by Natalie Clarkson
7 December 2021

It’ll be a happy, connected Christmas this year as Virgin Media O2 has announced it has completed the upgrade of its entire national network to gigabit speeds. 

This means that Virgin Media O2 has delivered nearly two-thirds of the UK government’s broadband ambition four years ahead of target – and cemented itself as the UK’s largest gigabit provider.

The rollout was completed after gigabit speeds were switched on for a final 1.1 million homes for the first time. This means that all 15.5 million homes passed by Virgin Media O2’s network can now access this hyperfast connectivity.

A Virgin Media O2 engineer installing new network
Virgin Media O2

Virgin Media O2 is the first and only major internet service provider to have completed a gigabit upgrade programme at this scale, rolling out next-generation services to every home on its network in just over two years, without the need for lots of construction work. 

Gig1 broadband from Virgin Media offers average download speeds of 1,130Mbps – 22 times faster than the national average. This means that you can do more online at the same time, using multiple devices. Gigabit broadband also paves the way for future technologies and applications, including metaverse-style augmented and virtual reality experiences. But it’s also really useful for people who are now working from home more frequently and need to send and receive large files without waiting a long time for them to download.

Lutz Schüler, Chief Executive Officer at Virgin Media O2, said: “Just two years ago we set out to spearhead the UK’s gigabit revolution and today we’ve delivered. Our investment to bring gigabit broadband to every home on our network has catapulted the UK’s digital infrastructure forward by a decade and forced others to up their game.

Virgin Media engineers work in the street

“As the country’s largest gigabit provider by far, we’re the driving force behind widespread gigabit availability four years ahead of the Government’s target.

“Having reached this major milestone in just two years, we’re doubling down on our mission to upgrade the UK by continuing to innovate and invest in our network to support the technologies of tomorrow – there’s no slowing down at Virgin Media O2.”

Upgrading the UK

Virgin Media O2 is on a mission to upgrade the UK’s broadband everywhere. It has committed to investing at least £10 billion over the next five years to make fast, reliable internet available for all. 

Virgin Media O2 is already one of the largest network builders in the country and continues to expand its network through Project Lightning, which has seen more than 2.6 million additional premises connected to the Virgin Media network since works began – and all of these can now access gigabit services. 

A female Virgin Media engineer
Virgin Media

Gig1 – faster speeds and complete connectivity

Gig1 broadband from Virgin Media comes with the Hub 4 router – Virgin Media’s most advanced yet. It features Intelligent WiFi firmware to provide speedy and reliable connectivity throughout the home. 

With more antennae than its predecessors, the Hub 4 can manage multiple devices at the same time around the home, all with hyperfast speeds.

Gig1 customers can also take their connectivity to the next level with Intelligent WiFi pods, which are available for free. These can help tackle WiFi blackspots around the home, meaning you can expect the fastest connection possible whether you’re using the internet in the lounge, bedroom or bathroom. 

Gig1 broadband is available to new and existing customers, with or without telephone, TV and mobile services. Prices start from £62 a month, visit Virgin Media to find out more.