Virgin Galactic: how to build a spaceship

Virgin Space Craft Space Ship Two Unity in flight.
Image from Virgin Galactic
Clare Kelly
by Clare Kelly
15 April 2020

Due to COVID-19, schools all over the world are shut, leaving many kids at home with a thirst to learn. 

With this need in mind, Virgin Galactic and The Spaceship Company have launched a new educational YouTube series – Spacechat LIVE.

Launched in conjunction with their outreach initiative, Galactic Unite, experts from across the company are presenting live weekly Spacechats on a variety of space-based topics.

First up was Beth Moses, Virgin Galactic’s chief astronaut trainer, who spoke about what it’s like to travel to space. 

Beth was the 571st person to travel in space and in her Spacechat she shares what it was like to look down at Earth from the black sky of space.

The second episode features Virgin Galactic’s president, Mike Moses, sharing insight into the process behind designing a spaceship that can successfully travel to space and back.

Your next opportunity to join a #ScienceWithVirginGalactic Spacechat is Thursday April 16th, when you can tune in to learn how to build a spaceship. Go ahead and set your reminder for 5.30pmBST / 9.30amPT.

If you’re feeling especially space-inspired, the Virgin Galactic team have also developed a special online Kids’ Corner with downloadable assets to accompany the Spacechats. Virgin Galactic’s engineers, pilots,spaceship builders and designers have put together some fun space and STEM activities – be sure to check them out and have them with you for the next Spacechat. 

Meanwhile, Virgin Galactic have also designed and built prototype patient oxygen hoods to help further in the fight against COVID-19. Head over to Virgin Galactic to find out more.