Virgin Galactic announces new spaceflight window

Virgin Galactic
Virgin Galactic
Headshot of Greg Rose
by Greg Rose
14 September 2023

Virgin Galactic has announced the ‘Galactic 04’ flight window will open on 5 October, 2023.

This would be Virgin Galactic’s fifth spaceflight this year and ninth spaceflight to date, further demonstrating Virgin Galactic’s ability to deliver safe, repeatable spaceflight and a transformative customer experience.

The three private astronauts aboard ‘Galactic 04’ bring different backgrounds and cultures to the mission, along with a shared passion for space, exploration and adventure:

  • Astronaut 017 - From the US

  • Astronaut 018 - From the UK

  • Astronaut 019 - From Pakistan, the first person to fly to space from this region

Virgin Galactic
Virgin Galactic

The Virgin Galactic crew includes: 

  • VSS Unity Commander Kelly Latimer and Pilot CJ Sturckow

  • VMS Eve Commander Nicola Pecile and Pilot Jameel Janjua 

  • Astronaut Instructor Beth Moses

‘Galactic 04’ follows ‘Galactic 03’, the third flight of Virgin Galactic’s inaugural commercial spaceflight season – watch footage from that flight above.

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