Virgin Fibra launches in Italy

Illustration of houses with a red cable coming to one. Text reads: Ben arrivata a casa
Virgin Fibra
Natalie Clarkson
by Natalie Clarkson
22 August 2022

Say ‘ciao’ to the newest member of the Virgin family: Virgin Fibra has launched in Italy, offering simplicity, transparency, and a pure fibre connection.

In collaboration with Open Fiber, Virgin Fibra was created to give more Italians great connectivity in a really simple way, with access to fast and reliable pure fibre.

For more than 50 years, Virgin has been doing things differently, creating distinctive and delightful experiences for customers – and the launch of Virgin Fibra is no different. For customers signing up during the launch period, Virgin Fibra is offering an incredible deal – pay just €29.49 per month for your services. And all you need to do to secure that price is sign up online at – you should be all set within five minutes. This offer is open to anyone whose address is covered by Open Fiber’s FFTH network (which means Pure Fiber straight to the home).

The fibre to the home network in Italy is expanding rapidly – with 26 million homes expected to be able to access pure fibre by 2027.

Tom Mockridge, CEO of Virgin Fibra, said: "I am thrilled that so many Italian investors have decided to join me and the Virgin Group to help innovate in the Italian broadband market. Virgin Fibra will help to accelerate the take-up of pure fibre, offering high performance, simplicity and transparency. I’m delighted that Virgin Fibra is now open for business, offering the outstanding customer service Virgin is renowned for.”

Josh Bayliss, CEO of the Virgin Group, added: “Italy is an incredibly important market for Virgin, and we are delighted to welcome Virgin Fibra to the family. Virgin has a long history in telecommunications currently serving 11 other international markets. Tom and his team are building an inclusive business, connecting people and families across Italy with passion and purpose. I’m delighted that Virgin Fibra will join Virgin Active, Virgin Radio and Virgin Voyages in bringing great service and innovation to our customers in Italy.”

Visit Virgin Fibra to find out more.